Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Key West

Key West was everything we imagined.

Despite Tropical Storm Debbie recently causing some issues, the water was calm and pretty when we arrived. There was no shortage of sailboats or houseboats or any kind of boats because the city is surrounded by coral reefs and that means fabulous water conditions most of the year.

It was kind of like being home due to the wild chickens that are everywhere. In the evening the roost in trees along the sidewalk and in the morning they crow.

We stayed in Old Town at the Eden House , and I have to say that this place was absolutely wonderful. I have never seen such a friendly and helpful staff. It's not a huge place, but smaller and more personable. When we arrived at check-in the staff handed us a cold beer and showed us around the facilities. The afternoons consisted of a complimentary happy hour poolside and the chance to visit and meet the other guests. One of the many things I liked about Key West is that EVERYONE was super nice. If you ever get the chance to visit Key West, stay at the Eden House. The rates are reasonable and it is within walking distance to Duval Street and Mallory Square and several local spots and pubs.

Of course we had to watch a sunset so we walked to Mallory Square. Even though the island blocked some of the sunset, it was still breathtaking. Next time we will take a sunset cruise and see the sunset from the water.

I even spotted some honey bees. These privet looking bushes were blooming and smelled wonderful, and the bees seemed to enjoy them as well.

Ahhhh, vacation. An adult vacation. A few days to sleep in, take naps, sit by the pool to relax, take a snorkeling trip, eat at great pubs, and literally have no agenda. No schedule. No planned excursions.

Key West is a little piece of paradise. The weather is great, the water is warm, the food is fantastic and the people are friendly. One aspect that particularly stands out is the fact that everyone is accepting of others.

There were people of many ethnic backgrounds, racially mixed couples, and gays. Never , not once, was anyone made to feel different. It was a town where everyone was welcome, everyone was a friend. I wish all cities and towns across the country were like Key West.

So now we are home and life on the farm continues with record-breaking heat and lots of animals to keep cool. We got it, no problem.

Today, however, we have friends and family over for some pulled pork BBQ and some time at the pool. It is the 4th of July and as Americans we celebrate!

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th! I will be back Friday. I close with a few more pictures of the fabulous Key West Vacation!

Happy Independence Day!


  1. It looks like you had an awesome, very well deserved time! The water is beautiful.

  2. I'm interested in Key West cos my friend went there. It's interesting about all the chickens, I saw that mentioned on another site.


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