Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This Past Week

Although the calender disagrees, it is officially summer over here. The weather has been mid 80's and we are getting quite a few pop up storms and heavy rain showers every week. Thankful for the rain.

The main pasture is ready to be cut for hay, we are just waiting for a dry spell of a few days. We have a farmer friend up the road who always cuts and bales the hay. Thankful for him and everything helps us do.

The beehives have built up quickly and we put a third hive body on each hive two days ago. Early spring and a heavy nectar flow all contributed to their quick build up. Hopefully they will continue to thrive here in my new blueberry orchard.

Here are a few pictures from the week that I snapped and want to share, a glimpse into my week here.

Devin helped me build dice for a yard Yahtzee game. Have you seen them on Pinterest? He used a drill press to make the dice holes. I painted them in black and then sanded and used poly on them. I made a set for us and a set for my sister. We played it yesterday and it was fun!

I have been sorting and washing Flickas's fleece. I am planning to lock spin it all and knit something with the yarn. Stayed tuned :-)

I have had several days with none of my teens here to help. I have been getting up early to take care of the chickens and pigeons and ducks first. I then come inside for coffee before going back out to milk. Two mornings ago I came in to find Rose feeding the baby chocolate pudding! You can say he was very happy!

My milking chores happened with the baby on my back. I like taking him outside so he can get some fresh air, sunshine and some experience with livestock. The milk cows are gentle and he really likes to be around them. My legs got a good workout too because I cannot bend over with Ace on my back. I must squat! My thighs were a tad sore after several days of squatting with that heavy baby on my back.

Devin's little dog, Luna, likes to jump on the bed and sit next to the baby. The baby likes to try and roll over to pull on Luna's fur. I like to take pictures of them together and send them to Devin when he is at work.

I bought two hanging ferns for my front porch this year and both have nests. Finches have taken up residence in both ferns. One has eggs that just hatched while the other just starting laying eggs.
I carefully take the plants down every other day and water them..and take a quick look at the developments.

Quinn is so busy with school and work that I literally only see her about an hour a week. She was off Memorial Day so I was able to catch up with her some. I also snapped a picture of her with the baby since I seem to have pictures of everyone holding him except her.

We went to my sister's house on Memorial Day to cook out and swim. It was the first time the baby has been in the pool. Indiana held him and he liked it until we put him in a baby float. Next time we will just hold him.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

All the Fleece

All the fleece. I want all the long and curly fleece I can get.

When I bought my Cotswold sheep I was introduced to the beauty of long wool with curly flocks. It was only a matter of time that I dive into the most luxurious of the long wools.

We took a semi-short drive to North Carolina yesterday to pick up the newest additions to my wooly family.

Teeswater Sheep.

 This is my new ewe named Cracker Jack.
She is very sweet and has a beautiful soft fleece. She was shorn in Feb, so you can see how much she has grown already.

This is the baby whether to Cracker Jack. His name is Sparrow. Born in Feb, he is already full of soft fleece and is very sweet.

We also got this little girl lamb.
Her name is Dani.
Also born in Feb, she is just as sweet and beautiful. She does have a pinch of Cotswold her in her as well.

Then I needed to buy a ram and lucked upon the most beautiful Teeswater ram around!
His name is Hercules and he is a beauty.
I plan to breed all of my ewes to him this fall.

When we got them all home, we put the mama and the babies in one paddock and we put Hercules in with my other sheep.

He is quite happy to be with my Wensleydales and Cotswolds, and they can all get to know the newest ewe and babies through a fence. I didn't want to risk my Cotwolds picking on those sweet lambs.

I have been working on some lock spinning and knitting with curly locks from my Wensleydales. I hope to have a nice project finished soon for a show and tell.

Until then, we have expanded the flock and it promises to be a rewarding decision!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

What Just Happened?

It happens.

It starts when you are fixing dinner, doing laundry, reading story books and preparing for the next days' activities. It just happens so quickly.

Your kids grow up. Just like that, in the midst of living life. They are graduating from school and starting their own journey.

When they are babies you can't even imagine what this day would be like because it cannot be tied to any ONE day. It is the accumulation of many days, many years.

Journee graduated from nursing school and landed a full time job in the emergency room. She still has her nursing boards to take, but the girl is done. Homeschooled from the start, never a day in public school, and she did just fine. 
I am still amazed at everything she has accomplished in her young life, not just academically, but personally and spiritually. She has a strong work ethic, a loyalty to others and a sensitive heart. 

Quinn graduated high school. She was also educated at home and finished high school with dual enrollment. This kid has been able to combine her art skills and math skills to jumpstart her goal of earning a degree in mechanical engineering. She works full time as an intern and has classes at night.
I rarely see her around here anymore because she is grown. She's independent. She's a hard worker. 
She also amazes me in her growth and accomplishments.

This last month has been very busy for me with farming and with graduation celebrations. When I am able to slow down I can't help but ask myself, "What just happened?"

One day you are reading bedtime stories and the next you are celebrating graduations. 
It happens.

Life goes on and I am grateful for all of these milestones in my life.

I am also exceedingly grateful to farm. We are currently busy with pastured chickens and honeybees, both are doing really well. 

I have been making cheddar wheels like crazy thanks to an abundance of milk. My cheese cave is housing 10 wheels and each wheel is about 7-8 pounds.

Tomorrow I will drive to pick up more fiber sheep. Tees water sheep.
I have longed for this breed for a few years and now I will have them . I spent a few hours this weekend lock spinning my curly Wensleydale fleece into a beautiful yarn. I am excited for more curly lock sheep.

The farm is growing and that is reason enough to be optimistic, even when things happen, like children growing up.

Congratulations to all of the new graduates in 2017!!

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