Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fleeting Moments and Traditions

Fleeting moments.

That is what we have when we raise children.

Days that seem so long and difficult are really just moments that are gone with the blink of our eyes.
You feel like you are going to be in the thick of it forever, but actually it ends too soon.

You wake up and the kids are grown up.

What of traditions? What will your children relish and remember most of those days?

Will it be the clean house? The new car? The organized closets?

They will cherish and carry with them the traditions.

It will be the birthday meals and the games played outside in the summer.

It will be the blueberry picking and the lightening bug catching.

It will be the Harry Potter movie marathons with popcorn and  smoked gouda and frosty punch.

It will be the swim days and the times the baby belly laughed while getting lotion on after his bath.

 It will all the times crafts were done together at the kitchen table. It will be the chores done side by side as a family.

 It's the family cookouts and days spent visiting.

Traditions are not elaborate schemes carefully put together. It is the small and repetitive occurrences that make your family a family.

It's the chance to snuggle the youngest sibling while he sleeps.

It's those fleeting moments. 

Hang on to those. Hold on real tight. It's those moments you will carry with you always.

Happy Wednesday Ya'll.

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