Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season

It's that time of year when we parents traumatize the little ones with a visit to see Santa. Zeb would not even get on his lap. Indiana had to hold him in a chair while he cried and screamed. Ahhh....warm Christmas memories.

It has been extra cold here the last few days, I mean "this ain't the South, ya'll" type of frigid cold. It always makes me nervous for the bee hives. There is no sure way to gage how much honey the bees need for winter.
So...we made candy boards this year.
The theory is to get these boards on by December 22nd and it will assist the bees through the rest of winter. Start with an inner cover board that is not notched and has a 1/2 inch lip all around.
What you will do is boil 2 cups of water and then add 5 pounds of sugar. Cook it to 240 degrees (soft ball stage)
Remove it from the heat and let it cool to 200 degrees.

I added Honey B Healthy when it cooled to 200 degrees. I intend for it to attract the bees more readily to the candy. Now you pour the mixture onto the board and let it set.
I am hoping the weather will be decent enough Friday to put these on the hives. I will take the inner covers off and replace them with these boards, candy side down.
You can learn more about these boards if you visit David Burns HERE

Here's hoping it will soon feel like the South again real soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Questions I Ponder

This time of year I find myself busy. Today was filled with school, laundry, sewing, baking, etc. I finally got the baby bathed and down for a short nap so I thought I would update the blog since it has been a neglected part of my weeks lately.

First, my new toy arrived today. It is a birthday present from Devin's parents and my mom.
It is a 30 quart canner. Wow! Big Bertha! I can't wait to test the thing out, and I am sure it will be put to a ton of use over the next several months.

What should I can first?
I wonder if I have enough jars?
Should I watch Psych tonight and do some knitting?
How many macadamia/caramel clusters is too many for one day?
Why is  the price of gas climbing? Is it just the holiday season?
Why do total strangers ask about how many kids I plan to have?
Since when is it anyone's business?
Maybe strangers are just nicely curious?
Are all 2 year old boys a wild handful?
Does crayon wash off walls?
How many times can a toy car get thrown down the stairs before it finally breaks?
Would a toy company ever pay us to test toy durability?
How much longer till bedtime?

Perhaps my brain needs a break.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Babies and Bread

Oh how I have been busy! Busy, busy. Yes, I have been sewing. I am not posting those details, however, because the recipients read this blog. I would not want to spoil a surprise.

We have been moving right along in school too. We have had to slow down and stay on a few topics because they have been difficult to grasp and required some extra work, especially some math. This is when it really is a blessing to be home educating. We stay on a topic until it is mastered and that makes a huge difference in self confidence.

I have also been doing some Christmas shopping. It has been really nice when Devin takes me and drives me around to the stores and also buys me lunch! What a sweetie!

I will tell you that what has kept me occupied more than any of the above activities though......

This little stinker has been a wee bit demanding. I forgive im though when he smiles like this for me:-)

This big stinker is quite the handful these days. How many times must he flush toys down the commode?

I'll let you know. :-)
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