Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Questions I Ponder

This time of year I find myself busy. Today was filled with school, laundry, sewing, baking, etc. I finally got the baby bathed and down for a short nap so I thought I would update the blog since it has been a neglected part of my weeks lately.

First, my new toy arrived today. It is a birthday present from Devin's parents and my mom.
It is a 30 quart canner. Wow! Big Bertha! I can't wait to test the thing out, and I am sure it will be put to a ton of use over the next several months.

What should I can first?
I wonder if I have enough jars?
Should I watch Psych tonight and do some knitting?
How many macadamia/caramel clusters is too many for one day?
Why is  the price of gas climbing? Is it just the holiday season?
Why do total strangers ask about how many kids I plan to have?
Since when is it anyone's business?
Maybe strangers are just nicely curious?
Are all 2 year old boys a wild handful?
Does crayon wash off walls?
How many times can a toy car get thrown down the stairs before it finally breaks?
Would a toy company ever pay us to test toy durability?
How much longer till bedtime?

Perhaps my brain needs a break.

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