Meet the Barefooters

Here are the Barefooters.

Journee is the oldest and is a nurse in the emergency room. This is her dog Kid, a high drive GSD.In addition to dogs, Journee loves all things science and video game. Recently she was saddened that Firefly was taken off Netflix. Journee is getting married soon and will be starting her own new adventure!

Quinn is the #2 child here. She works as an intern for a local company while she earns her mechanical engineering degree. She also enjoys pottery and other artsy forms of expression. 

Indiana is my #3 and is also my Junior Cheesemaker. She helps a ton around here with farming and milking. She plays the guitar and loves birds. She raises homing pigeons for fun!

Willow is #4 in birth order but #1 wit. Being an animal lover, like the rest of us here, she has decided to raise animals, specifically lop eared bunnies.

 Rose is the youngest daughter. Rose plays the piano, draws, and loves games. She likes the outdoors, especially when swimming weather is in season. She's witty and has a rather contagious laugh!

Yes, we had a boy. He is named Zebulun, after the grandpa on the Tv show The Waltons. Zeb is all boy and loves to help us every morning with milking chores. Zeb loves to collect dead bugs and play Minecraft.

Fletcher is next in line. This boy gets into everything and talks all day long. I nicknamed him Puppy because he follows me around everywhere, like a puppy. He also loves Minecraft and bugs.

Ace Buchanan is the baby. We call him Ace or Bucky. He is loved by his siblings and will one day get into everything. He loves to look at and touch the cows. I suspect he will be an animal lover too.

 This here is Devin, my husband and right hand.  Devin works a full time job as a PA in the local emergency room. He is also a cosplayer and you might spot him in Atlanta at Dragon Con. He is instrumental in this whole farming thing and willingly builds whatever structures I think I might need for the animals and projects.  He is awesome!
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