Meet the Barefooters

Barefoot Farm was named so because of the fact that the children and my husband do not wear shoes 99.9% of the time. Honestly. I cannot lie about such a matter.
Another fact is that when you live here, not only are shoes optional but hair brushing is optional as well. At least that is what I tell myself each day when my kids walk around at noon with a "bed head."

Allow me to introduce the family:

 This is Journee, the oldest, and her bulldog named Zelda. She is starting college, working a job, and keeping up with farm chores when she is able.  She just completed her 2nd year of dual enrollment and now wants to pursue a nursing degree. She loves animals, Portal, and books.

This here is Quinn. She is an artistic child and wears her headphones all of the time. She loves pet rats, pet cats, and video games. She's not much of an outdoors person, but she is fabulous inside with child care and domestic chores. She hopes to begin dual enrollment this next school year and wants a degree in computer science. Did I mention that she loves video games? She's boss on Halo.

 This girl is Indiana, the rock star. She was named after the best movie character ever:-) She is spirited and compassionate. She is also one heck of a good cow wrangler...don't be fooled by the rock star hair. She loves farming too!

 Willow is my fourth girl and she is very sweet and motherly. She also has one dimple, on the right side of her face. Willow typically gets everyone going in the morning with farm chores. She is organized, energetic and happy. She also happens to be a fabulous cow girl!

 Rose is the youngest daughter. Rose plays the piano, draws, and loves games. She likes the outdoors, especially when swimming weather is in season. I can also depend on Rose to help with several house and animal chores. She's witty and has a rather contagious laugh!

Yes, we had a boy. He is named Zebulun, after the grandpa on the Tv show The Waltons. Zeb is all boy and loves to help us every morning with milking chores. He also has the job of checking eggs each day, and he is a pro. Zeb loves to collect dead bugs and play Minecraft. He has a small garden in which he has planted onions and sunflowers:-)

Then there is the baby, Fletcher. This boy gets into everything and talks all day long. I nicknamed him Puppy because he follows me around everywhere, like a puppy. He loves to play outside and has a nice mud spot in the back yard.

 This here is Devin, my husband and fellow bee keeper. The barefoot gene comes directly from him, as do the funny senses of humor. Devin works a full time job as a PA in the local emergency room. He is instrumental in this whole farming thing and willingly builds whatever structures I think I might need for the animals and projects.  He is awesome!
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