Monday, October 20, 2014

Count it all Joy

So my plan was to write a post about the sheep. They are looking great and getting sheared in a couple of weeks.
I also have pictures and experiences to share from my latest artisan cheese class I attended.

That will all have to wait for later this week.

One day last week was National Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day.
Ironically I suffered a miscarriage on that day. So ironic.

I have never gone through this journey before and I must say it was difficult, even at just 10 weeks.

We lost a baby and we lost future dreams and plans. We lost something big. The emotions I have gone through and the emotions I am still experiencing are complex. The last 10 weeks have been filled with excitement and joy...and of course morning sickness. Now that is all over.

It was just a random miscarriage. The doctor saw nothing abnormal in my body and that gives me some relief.

My body is also trying to heal, and my hormones are trying to regulate. I am anemic and tired, and I ache.
I pulled myself together enough on Friday to spend the weekend with my mom. She knew exactly what to say. "I am sorry." Then she just listened to me sort out my feelings.

She never told me ,"At least you have 7 healthy kids." or "Well, it was for the best if the baby had a defect." or "Well, you are a little old to be having kids anyway."

She never hinted at anything other than empathy.

Today I am still trying to adjust. My body and hormones are a mess, but I am getting better each day. Deep down, although I am sad, I count it all joy.

I know my trials are not as tough as some and I also know that when a door closes, one will open.
I also have faith that this trial is part of something bigger in my future. I can't know what is down the road, but I am sure I shouldn't worry. I used this verse from the Book of James when my dad died too.

 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,   knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 

So I needed to tell everyone that my baby #8, the baby we joyfully craved, will stay heaven-side....with my dad.

That fact alone gives me peace.

Thank you to everyone local and far away for your incredible support!

Later this week...I promise a happy post about artisan cheese and sheep!


Friday, October 10, 2014

A Farming Romance

I think at some point in time, everyone has a picture perfect image of farm life.
                  ****My 4 geese patrolling the back yard****

The fresh eggs, fresh milk, crispy bacon, quiet solitude on the front porch each evening.
In many ways life is sweeter on a farm.
My kids are growing up learning how to care for many animals while they use their free time to explore the woods and land around us.
We enjoy fresh eggs, milk and meat that we raised ourselves and that I know is free from chemicals and drugs.
We don't need to worry too much about keeping a landscaped yard, but we always make sure we have firewood stacked for the backyard fire pit.

                        ***The puppy, Delconno, must walk on a leash as he still wants to chase chickens!***

When the lawn gets too tall we just rotate the cows across the yard with electric fencing to graze the grass down.
When we host outdoor parties and movies we invite everyone because, well, we have the space.
Yes, it's romantic being a farmer.....except when it's not.

That's the part that gets a lot of folks. There's a huge part that is not romantic, in fact it's hard and sad.

Just this week a friend of mine lost her dear dairy cow. Her cow was due to calve in 2 months and the entire family was excited to welcome a new calf and equally excited to have fresh milk again.
This is the romance side and it is what makes farming worth it, especially when tragedy occurs.

Her cow suddenly became ill and died. She had a blockage between her rumen and first stomach that would not pass. My friend now has to face burying her beloved family cow and her calf. Tragedy.

This post isn't meant to depress or discourage. In fact, what I really want to do is to ENCOURAGE!

Life can be tough. Farming can be tough. Don't let the tough days make your entire endeavor seem fruitless. Press on. Learn from mistakes. Help a neighbor. Remember on tough days that there is still some romance left if you only look around.

Life and death is a constant cycle on a farm and in life. If you are lucky enough to be on a farm, then you are lucky enough. Embrace it...tragedy and romance.

Happy, Happy Weekend Ya'll!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Captain's Birthday

Last Saturday was Fletcher's 4th birthday! We decided, however, to celebrate it Tuesday when it was easier for cousins and grandparents to come over for a family party.

Despite the lingering morning sickness, I was able to accompany Fletcher and Devin on a mid morning outing. Fletcher really wanted a balloon for his birthday so we took him to pick a special birthday balloon out, as well as a toy.

We also picked up groceries for the party and ingredients to make cupcakes. Everything was ready for a party by dinner time, and the cousins and grandparents came to help celebrate.

It's hard to believe this kid is already 4! It is also impossible to imagine life without him and his bubbly personality!

So now we have a month break before the next rounds of birthdays, but I can assure they will be filled with fun and family too....and hopefully I will no longer be feeling sick by then!

Why do I call Fletcher Captain? I've had a few folks on FB ask me this question.
His full name is Fletcher Pike Martin.
Fletcher is a family name from my side and Pike is from Star Trek. We named him after Captain Pike. I often times call Fletcher "Captain" or more often "Puppy." When he was a baby he followed me every where like a puppy.
Today Captain seems more fitting for my growing boy!

Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Back from Rock Bottom, For Now

Oh morning sickness, how I loathe thee!

Last week was a very tough week. I had to spend more than a couple of days in bed trying to force food down my mouth.

I did have a couple of evenings, however, in which my energy level was better and my stomach somewhat settled. I also found a little nugget that can make me feel better for a short while.

Watermelon is the ONLY flavor that works, so I will buy a bag of mixed ranchers and offer the other flavors to my teens. It does not disappoint them in the least.

We managed to host a movie night on Saturday night and I felt pretty decent.

Of course, the back yard felt a little more "farm like" than usual due to the fact my hens and geese are currently free ranging.

The geese enjoyed walking around to scavange for dropped pieces of popcorn and chips.

We also brought Hilda the pig outside to socialize amongst everyone until the movie started. She is very good about staying near us, of course she also constantly roots for food.

After the movie I decided to let the cows back out into the yard to graze the rest of the weekend. This morning we woke up to a short episode of drizzly rain and a cow on the front steps.

Penny had already eaten all of my potted plants that I had on the ground around the porch. It seemed she wanted to nibble on the remaining potted plants. We stayed inside so as to not startle her. The last thing I wanted was for her to fall or slip. She finished off a banana pepper plant, turned around and walked back down the three steps to the ground. Once I feel well enough, I plan to empty all my pots out so as to not tempt her any longer.

Amazingly none of my children thought this scene to be unusual. Should this worry me or make me proud? Either way, it's life out here and I wouldn't trade it for a "normal" life in a million years.

I have to thank everyone for the tremendous outpour of congratulatory emails and comments about the new baby we are expecting in May. It really makes my day to read the positive feedback and support for my growing family and if I could I would give ya'll a big hug!

Today I am again feeling puny, exhausted and hungry at the same time. My goals for the day have dropped down to the bare minimum and only include feeding my kids, feeding myself and getting basic farm chores completed. I might add buying more watermelon ranchers to my list of goals too.

I feel ambitious like that today:-)

Happy Monday Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What of Your Plans

I almost bought me some new winter work pants the other day, the expensive name brand kind. I need some heavy duty pants that can hold up to winter and milk cows. I put the pants in my cart and then decided to wait.

I am glad I waited on the expense because things come up. Surprises lurk around the corner. Life happens.

My year has made some changes I did not expect. My busy spring will be scaled back and the week long vacation I was planning with Devin to San Francisco has been canceled.

Just when I think I have everything planned out and figured out, God shows me His plans, His will be done.

Just when  thought we would remain a family with 7 kids, I find out there will be an 8th.

Believe me when I say this was a surprise and a miracle at the same time, a work of Providential proportions.

I am sick and hungry at the same time, feelings I have had with all my babies. I am exhausted tired by noon, and I am excited and grateful for this new gift.

We are all very happy.

Baby #8 will appear earth side around early to mid May.

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's All About Quilts and Hotdogs and Turkeys

Wow! What a week we've had over here!
To start, the AQS Quilt Show was in Chattanooga. This means I spent two full days at the show looking at beautiful quilts, volunteering as a show hostess, shopping and even taking a class.

Devin and the kids managed to keep chores done while I was gone, and I was happy to have a few days of fun.

The class I took was a fabric dyeing class taught by Cindy Lohbeck of Hands on Hand Dyes. This class was so much fun and I left with 6 yards of my own hand dyed fabric, ready for a quilt.

The fabrics were dyed using only 3 packs of dye, but we ended up with 24 different colors. I can't wait until she comes back next year, and I will be taking one of her other classes!

Saturday we had fabulous fall like weather. The breeze was so nice and the humidity was low. This, of course, means perfect back yard fire pit weather.

We had an impromptu hotdog and s'more roast for dinner. Everyone enjoyed the weather and the fire pit food.

The puppy enjoyed himself and made himself a comfy spot on Indiana's back. Silly pup.

This weekend we also decided to move the turkeys out of a chicken tractor and into a fenced area.

This chicken tractor is meant for the pastured chickens and I really needed to use it for that purpose. The turkeys also needed more room to move around.

Instead of buying another portable poultry fence (I am feeling cheap), we decided to let the hens free range and use their fence for the turkeys. I will still need to build a better rain shelter and move the fence every few days, but this seems to be working well.

The birds like the space and grass for sure, and you will not notice any complaints from the free ranging hens. My drive will be sprinkled with poo for the next couple of months, but that is not the worst thing.

The hay is also being cut, so of course it is overcast and threatening rain today. We are hoping to get it all cut, baled and put up before it starts raining...or maybe the weather is bluffing. It might not rain at all, but we could sure use some sun to dry the cut hay. Either way, it looks like we will have around 700 bales to get us through winter. Once we are done putting it all up I can let the cows back out to free range as well.

Today we get back to the books and school work. Fall is around the corner, which means more back yard fires in the near future! Hope your week is a productive one!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Chicken and the Cow

Chickens and cows go together.
They are best of friends. They live a symbiotic life together. They are like PB&J. You really need both!

When you have cows, you have cow patties. Lots of cow patties. Just come over here to my place for a visit and you will see for yourself how much poo exists on a farm.

Cow patties tend to attract flies. Lots of flies.

Chickens like to scratch through cow patties. They eat undigested grain and bugs, including fly larvae.
Scratched up piles fade quickly into the ground.

Of course this entire process fertilizes the grass. The grass grows thicker and healthier, which feeds the cows, which feeds chickens, which fertilizes the grass...etc  This is a perfect example of sustainable farming.
I only thought I was a dairy and chicken farmer. I am also a grass farmer.
If you ever needed another excuse to get more chickens or cows, well here you go! :-)
You're welcome.
It's gonna be a busy week here! The Quilt Show is in Chattanooga and I am lined up to volunteer and to take a class. I will update when I am able.
If you do not follow me on FB, go ahead and give me a like. I plan to post pictures of the week as they happen.  I am even bringing Devin along to an after quilt show party at a local bar! It should be a fun week!
Happy Monday Ya'll!

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