Monday, July 10, 2017

J and J

Well, it happened. 

My oldest is engaged. 
Journee and Jared started dating back in March when his mom and I introduced them. We knew they would hit it off!

They are the cutest couple around these parts.

Now, after a proposal at the Tennessee Aquarium, we are planning a mid October wedding!

I could not have dreamed up a better guy for this girl. I just love him.
The entire family adores him.

He's a cross fit guy and loves dogs.
She's an ER nurse and loves dogs.
So now we plan a farm wedding in 3 months' time.
No worries.

 Young love.
Let's all hang on to that.


  1. My heart is so happy to see these two in love! I've been around Journee just a little bit more than I've been around Jared, but I can see their happiness in their pictures. Journee is such a sweet soul!!

    Congratulations, Samantha! I'm so excited for you and for the couple. God Bless your two families, as this journey begins...pun intended. :)

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