Thursday, December 2, 2010

Babies and Bread

Oh how I have been busy! Busy, busy. Yes, I have been sewing. I am not posting those details, however, because the recipients read this blog. I would not want to spoil a surprise.

We have been moving right along in school too. We have had to slow down and stay on a few topics because they have been difficult to grasp and required some extra work, especially some math. This is when it really is a blessing to be home educating. We stay on a topic until it is mastered and that makes a huge difference in self confidence.

I have also been doing some Christmas shopping. It has been really nice when Devin takes me and drives me around to the stores and also buys me lunch! What a sweetie!

I will tell you that what has kept me occupied more than any of the above activities though......

This little stinker has been a wee bit demanding. I forgive im though when he smiles like this for me:-)

This big stinker is quite the handful these days. How many times must he flush toys down the commode?

I'll let you know. :-)

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  1. The first picture really cracked me up haha. It looks like the baby was made to taste lemon or something. But he seems to be enjoying himself. I would forgive him too for anything if he made that face.


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