Monday, October 1, 2012

The Calf Update

I thought  I would update on the bull calf who is now a steer:-)

He will be 2 months old tomorrow so we have weaned him down to milk just one time per day. He is eating grass and calf grain and alfalfa pellets.

His horn buds have started growing but are not quite big enough to burn down yet.

But oh he has those beautiful long cow eyelashes. I could be a little jealous.

He's getting big and tall. I plan to wean him off milk in another month because I am sure he will be a big pain in the bootie by then. He can be quite sweet except if he sees a milk bucket, then he tries to run you over for milk. We are teaching him to back out of our personal space.

Until then he lives a life of leisure here and keeps the chickens and goats company.


Did you read my last post about the Lilla Rose Giveaway?

You have until Thursday at midnight to leave a comment and enter. I wanted to show you a beautiful flexi clip they now have available for the month of October.

Yeah, I love it too.
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Hope Monday was kind!


  1. He's a beauty! Does he have a name? Or will he be going to the butcher?

  2. What a beautiful calf. He looks a very happy fellow.

  3. What a cute calf. My friend has 2 Jersey cows. One had a calf a few months ago and the other just miscarried a calf a few days ago. It was a little bull. Don't know what happened. I had her heifer here on my farm a few months then she went up farther to another farm to get bred. I have milk goats. Much smaller and easier to take care of. Had thought about a cow, but then I'd rather have nice little balls of poop instead of cow patties! And I name all my animals too, even the ones that will be dinner. Or breakfast.


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