Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet the Sheep

It turned out to be a very exciting weekend! I found sheep for sale from a very good breeder and so we hopped in the van and drove to Asheville to pick them up.

I wasn't expecting to get them so soon, but the ewe is due to lamb this month and we wanted her settled in before the date got too near.

Meet Whiskey Creek and Sarah.

The ewe has some impressive dread locks, no?
These are registered Costwold Sheep and I must admit they are pretty cool. They are long wool sheep and will need to be sheared twice a year. There is a guy in NC who travels in the spring from farm to farm shearing sheep. I am hoping to make contact with him soon.

So far the sheep are staying with my goats and chickens in our rather large fenced lot. I am using a small coop as a stall and the sheep like to sleep in there on fresh hay.
Once we have a lamb I will need to move the ram out of there, although I am not positive where I will put him.
They are well behaved for sheep and will follow anyone who is carrying a feed bucket so that is good.

Now, one of the goats has taken to head butting and challenging the ram, but so far neither has gotten injured. I assume they will work it out soon. I am amazed at the goat's bravery since she is a fat, short pygmy goat. The ram ignores her, unless he is challenged.

Then there is Lucy. In the evening I bring her in through this area for the night. She is very curious about our two new additions.

Ahhh, two new animals. It's starting to feel like spring and I am very happy for that! I pruned all of the fruit trees yesterday and in a couple of weeks we will have baby chicks. If that doesn't make spring official, nothing does. (Except maybe blooming dandelions and warm temps:-)

Welcome to the farm Whiskey and Sarah!

Hoping your week is full new beginnings~!


  1. So very, very exciting! I am living vicariously through so many of your homeschooling and farming adventures! I just LOVE your site. So, coming from someone who knows very little about sheep (me!) but would like to know more, do you cut the dreads in the front so they can see? I assume no, as they have been allowed to grow so long by their previous owners, but, it must be so hard to see! From a somewhat tactile defensive person, that would annoy the crap out of me!!!

    1. These were show sheep and so the locks could not be cut. I will likely not cut them either because they add so much to their appearance. I can put them in a pony tail in front above the nose though:-)

  2. Congrats on your two new additions, Sam! They're really cool. Can't wait to see pics of the lamb/s. Nothing beats a lamb in the cute baby animal dept. We haven't had sheep in a few years, and I kinda miss them. We had Black Welsh Mntns and Scottish Blackface. I would love to get some Babydolls someday.

    1. I am excited for the lamb too. I need to get the ram out of there soon and so I think I will put him out with the horse and steer. Babydoll sheep are very cute!

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