Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hit a Wall, Please Help!

It's been a week, yet again. I think it's the spring chores and activities, but yesterday I felt like I had hit a wall.
By lunchtime I was exhausted. I was beat. I put the baby down for a nap, plopped my other kids down for a long movie, put on my nightgown, crawled in bed, and napped for 2 hours.
I had hit a wall and needed to recoup.

There's my dose of real life for those of you who think I run non-stop 24/7/365.

                   **These three made bows from sticks and twines. They actually work !**

Today Belle was a great cow at milking time. Although she is still skiddish and gets a little nervous, she is no longer kicking. We are careful to move slowly and quietly around her though.
She is only giving us 1 gallon of milk a day, BUT half of that gallon is cream. HALF! I think the fresh spring grass is to her liking and as a result I will be making lots of butter this weekend.

Lucy loves having a companion and will bellow for her when she cannot see her at milking time.

The pasture chicks came in this morning and I am happy to report they were all healthy and alive! I switched to a different hatchery and could not be more pleased with their quick shipping and healthy birds. In case you wanted to know, I used Central Hatchery in Nebraska.


I need everyone's help. My best friend is a Human Rights Activist for North Korea and she is trying to get a petition signed. You see May 2nd is North Korea Refugee Day. We need this petition asking the new Chinese president to join the rest of the world in supporting NK refugees by granting them safety in his country. (For more information see the petition.) You can sign it HERE!

Did you get all of that? When people escape the horrible North Korea they usually must cross into China. Well, China will send them back if they are found. When these people get sent back they are usually killed or tortured and placed into a labor camp. I just ask for a quick signature. Thank you in advance!!!!!! I thank you, my friend Lisa thanks you, and the refugees from North Korea thank you!


We went through some bee hives today and I was able to make a couple of splits. Afterwards the kids played outside. They played tag, hide and seek, and they played with scooters and rocks.
While on their hunt they found some wild periwinkle and made a nice crown or wreath from the flowers.
                                                       Zelda looked great wearing it!

                                                  ****Journee and Zelda****


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  1. Yay for splits! :) And I'm glad to know that you do eventually wear out. ;-) Our coop and run are FINALLY done; I certainly have hit the wall. Both the run and coop were initiated around noon on Wednesday. The little girls are LOVING their new digs, and it wasn't soon enough: things were not going too well with the big and little girls together - Ha! the little rough and tough things became big scaredy chicks when with the others. So, I will now keep them separated a little longer until the little girls get a little bigger.


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