Monday, July 22, 2013

Sweet Ivy

The weekend was spent organizing the freezers, cleaning the front porch and bringing our new addition home.

This is Ivy. She is a two week old heifer calf. She is a Jersey. She is incredibly sweet.

Stella had warmed up to her nicely and they have become friends. Cow friends.

She has been enjoying the fresh air and grass, although she is still drinking fresh milk and will be for a couple more months.

She spends a large part of her day running and bucking and kicking. Indiana has done such a nice job halter training Stella that I have put her in charge of doing the same for sweet Ivy.

She will make a great family milking cow in a few years and we are excited to have her in the family!


Circle of Moms is winding down in their Top 25 Moms of Big Families contest! I have been thrilled and honored to be included with so many fabulous moms! Will you please hop over and give me vote?

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