Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here Horsey, Horsey

School is just around the corner! We have been busy collecting and organizing.

Journee will complete another year (her senior year) as a dual enrollment student at the community college. In fact she will be on campus this year for her classes. She has a full load and so it will keep her very busy.

In the meantime, she is working a job. Actually she is working for me by giving her younger sisters riding lessons. I pay her by the hour.

Athena has had an easy summer of grazing and an occasional ride. It's good to see her worked and it's good for her.  Here Willow is learning the fine art of turning a horse around.

Indiana has become skilled in grooming and getting Athena saddled up and ready. You really could not ask for a better, more patient horse.

Mary has decided every single day now that she prefers to stay outside the fencing. Her wool is so thick that the electric shock just doesn't affect her. She doesn't wander but rather grazes and rests near the fence. Crazy ewe!

The outside farm chores seem to be adding up! The rain this summer has really been a *damper* as far as keeping stalls and areas dry enough for animals. The chicken coop has suffered the greatest.
This past week we collected about 10 roosters and found homes for them. They were simply eating up my food and pestering my hens. We then placed the hens into my pasture meat bird pens. I am monitoring their food intake and trying to determine which birds are laying.

In a few weeks we hope that we can build a small egg-mobile in which to run them through out the entire property. I am also hoping the coop area will dry out some. I plan to bed the ground down thick with hay.

This week I hope to de-clutter a bit and get some things organized. It's going to be a busy fall!

October 4th we are hosting a public screening of the new documentary American Meat. It features Joel Salatin and explores the failing farming food system in the US. If you are local, come on out! It will be on the outdoor screen so bring a snack, a chair and a friend! I hope for lots of folks to see this wonderful film! Go check out the trailer!

Have a fabulously wonderful and productive week!!


  1. Sam I love reading your blog and looking at all your wonderful pictures. You have a great family thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I can't wait to see your egg mobile. We are planning a new coop here. Would love the mobile part but I don't have very much cleared land. Mostly woods here. We are getting geared up for another year of homeschooling here as well.

    1. I might have to put the school year off a few more days because I just don't think I am ready. Where did the summer go????

  3. I look forward to seeing the egg mobile too. Our chickens free range everywhere, which we have the luxury of doing because there are no natural predators on the island. However, the chickens are so cheeky. The get into anywhere, and everywhere. They perch on the window ledges and watch us, tapping on the glass when they see us eating dinner. The outside of the house needs constant scrubbing. Not to mention several hens have taken to napping on my door mat, which looks cute, but leaves an unwelcoming smell. If a window is left open, in the come! And we find stowaways in cupboards, drawers and lounging on the sofa, as though they belong there. They are adorable... but it might well be time to reduce their access, if only to reduce my work load.

    1. OK, I seriously need to see a picture of a hen in a cupboard!!!! Mine usually free range everywhere and make a mess on my front porch. Or they get into the garage to sleep. We've had too many clutches hatch out in the garage:-)


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