Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Large Family Logistics: The Grunt Work

There are days I just don't feel like laundry, school, house cleaning, organizing, dentist appointments, or meal planning.
Yes, I am pretty normal in those regards. It's easy to post quick tid bits and cute photos from all of the joyous, fun times in this large family. You rarely see the grunt work. I apologize.

Yesterday I posted a fabulous picture on FB of my caramel latte. My luxury drink that I prefer to buy at Panera Bread, but at $3.50 a cup and a fairly far drive I have learned to make my own version.

Yes, it's really yummy. Yes I tend to make them at about 3pm when I am having to sit down and do grunt work such as pay bills or the often dreaded meal planning.

What is it about meal planning that is so dreadful? We dread the hunt for new recipes and healthy meals that everyone enjoys. We dread the long lists, the store shopping, the hunting for sales and the sticking to a budget.

This caramel latte helps.

Then you have those pesky dental and eye appointments that require you brush everyone's hair, find everyone a pair of shoes and pack a bag of books hoping and praying that the little boys behave and don't decide to have a book throwing contest in the waiting room. I have been known to pack a few lollipops as extra bribery. They are organic so don't judge!!! :-)

Of course there is always a degree of sleep deprivation amongst all us moms. Maybe you have a new baby you are feeding through the night. Perhaps you have a toddler who crawls in your bed and cuddles up to your back.
It interrupts my sleep and I sometimes crave my own space versus this co-sleeping thing.

Of course I snap a picture of this angel baby and agree with myself that the lack of sleep is worth it in the long run. He will be in his own bed all night soon enough.

Between the lattes, the secret weapon lollipops and the attitude of gratitude the grunt work is gone.
It becomes what I do as a keeper of a family. A large family.

So, how did my meal planning turn out?
Here's what we are having the next several days for dinner.

Egg sandwiches on bagels
Homemade pizza
Beef tips over rice
Bean burritos
Chicken Quesadillas
Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes

That caramel latte? Here's the recipe!

Fill cup with half coffee and half milk.
Add about 1 TB caramel syrup (from the coffee isle)
Add 1 tsp caramel syrup for icecream

Heat until very hot.
Top with whipped cream and drizzle more caramel syrup for icecream on top! Adjust to your taste!
For a little kick sprinkle a tad of sea salt on top!

Go enjoy your week!!!!


  1. Well! My lolipops are not organic, no judging here, hair is not always brushed and teenagers and young adults also interrupt needed sleep. Large family management is hard, but very rewarding. A friend of mine called me the captain of a ship. You are doing a fine job and I love reading your blog. Have a great week!

    1. You know I have noticed that while I can get my little ones to bed early, the teens stay up later and that means I usually have to stay up later! In many ways it was easier having all little ones!
      Thanks and you have a great week too!


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