Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting It *ALL* Done

There are some days and weeks when everything falls into place perfectly and all my chores and projects get wrapped up......no wait!! That never happens.

This week was a prime example of how these little chores and projects here and there can suddenly pile up and smack you in the face.

The animal chores have piled up nicely, along with the serious need to spring clean the house. Animals have taken priority, however, and the house will have to wait. In the meantime, I wanted to post an update but have found myself super busy. In fact I have been too busy and exhausted to even take photos.
This is why I am so happy to have kids who like to play with my camera:-) Today's pictures were taken by Indiana and Willow.

I need to add that Indiana celebrated her 14th birthday on the 7th and Quinn celebrates her 16th birthday today! Yes, a busy week here.

First, we picked up more bottle bull calves this weekend. We drove to get 2, but the dairy handed us 4.
I was apprehensive about the youngest of the 4, but we made sure to keep the little guys separated and they are all doing well.

This little guy is beautiful with his white patches!  I think the kids are calling him "Spot."

This guy is the oldest of the 4 and is almost 2 weeks old. Gosh I love those little Jersey baby faces!

In order to have room for the new calves, we moved the older bottle calves out to a far paddock with the horse. These guys are weaned and tagged and doing great. Athena is not like you would expect a horse to be around cattle. She is a nice companion.

This is the Brown Swiss-Jersey cross calf. We had to burn some of the horn buds too, ones that were too large for paste several weeks ago. The burner is quick and effective.

Speaking of Athena, she is a happy horse to see some green grass growing. Indiana and Willow have been really good about keeping her groomed. Indiana has been riding her nearly every day!

The weather has been nice enough to move the meat chicks outside, however we moved the back into the garage this evening. We have two days of rain and cold air moving through. By Friday it should be warm enough to get them back outside.

The ducklings enjoyed the warm day, especially when the girls let them go for a short swim!

Last, but not least, the house lamb Flicka is still doing fantastic! She is in the house more than she should, but it has been a great week to get her outside and acclimated to the outside world.

The kids have her completely spoiled, but I can't blame them. She is a sweet creature.

Devin and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary as well this past week, and we decided a short trip was in order! We will be visiting a grass based dairy in Georgia and attending an artisan cheese making class! We are looking forward to the class, and I will be sure to post updates. If you are not following me on Instagram, please do! You can find me @barefootfarm
Also, please look for me on Facebook! My Barefoot Farm
I post updates through those outlets and will likely use them often during my trip and class.
Enjoy the weather and make the most of your time outside! Spring is almost here!!!


  1. Y'all sure are busy. Your little lamb is so cute. What breed do you have? Looks wooly.

    I am not looking forward to these next few days. 80 degrees one day then 40 the next. Crazy! And 2 more ewes to lamb. That's when they'll have them too, I just feel it. 16 lambs so far! 3 bottle babies. I just hope these next 2 first time ewes will be good mothers.

    Your farm sure is growing fast. Will you keep one of the calves a bull for your cows? They are all so cute when they're little.

  2. Well happy wedding anniversary to you both!
    I think Spot is beautiful, what gorgeous long eyelashes.
    I'm going to look you up on Instagram now (I'm @alex_broodyme) x

  3. love your farm pictures! We also have a little farm. Unfortunately keeping up with milking didnt work for our lifestyle so we had to sell our milk cow last summer. We still have a bunch of other animals. Reading your blog gave me spring fever! Maybe I will add a couple babies this spring!


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