Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Super-Sonic Speed

This past weekend was a marathon weekend for farming.

Penny had her calf, a bull calf. He is a small calf but very healthy and playful.

I was worried at first because they spent so much time laying down, but I think the little guy just needed a good rest.

He eventually stood up, nursed and started walking around with Penny. He's an active calf now.

He's also eating quite well. Here we are feeding him while Willow photo bombs. We haven't named him yet, but since he is a bull he has one fate. We will think of a food name for him.

Next we sheared sheep. This was a late shearing and I am a bit concerned about the cold air that has moved in today.

Devin and I took turns helping hold the sheep down. It always amazes me how strong the booger can be at shearing time. If you do not follow me on FB, please do! I posted a video of the sheep and the new calf.

All of the sheep had a nice layer of fat to help keep them warm, except Flicka the House Lamb. She's still quite small. We actually put her in with the calf this morning so they could both stay warm and dry under a heat lamp. It has really gotten cold today and tomorrow will be even colder!

We also got good, seasoned hardwood firewood this weekend and will likely be starting the stove fires this evening. If you are in the path of this artic blast, please stay warm!!!!!

It is difficult to believe that the holidays will soon be here. I usually have a list of gifts to make and crafts to craft, but my recent health issues have taken a toll on my energy levels. Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor and hopefully figure out why I am not healed from the miscarriage yet. I am hopeful that she will help me heal and I can get back to my normal super  sonic speed!

In the meantime......

Happy Hump Day!!!

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