Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Wayward Tooth Fairy

Back when we had only a couple of kids, we had a really great tooth fairy. She always managed to sneak in while the children were fast asleep and trade a baby tooth for 2 shiny quarters. She had another fabulous quality too: She was always prompt!

As our family grew, her reliability waned. It would not be uncommon to find a tooth still sitting in a child's room the next day. I guess she had a really busy night sometimes...or maybe she was extra tired and dozed off to sleep before 9pm.

Whatever the issue was, the children could get her to come back the next night if they would draw for her a pretty picture. This was, of course, my suggestion.

"Oh! I bet if you draw her a pretty picture she will come back with 3 or 4 shiny quarters!"

It always worked. The tooth fairy has quite a collection of pretty pictures, most of them have dollar signs drawn on them too. My kids are so very subtle with their hints.

Fast forward to present day. The tooth fairy has a fairly easy job these days. She no longer has to find a tooth in a dark bedroom. No, that was becoming too much of a chore to walk upstairs and sneak around the bedroom. These days the kids use a cute little chicken treasure box to place their tooth inside. It even sits majestically on the kitchen counter for all to see (and hopefully not forget)!

Rose lost a tooth last night and she placed it inside the chicken box for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy had Rose's tooth on her mental list of things to do during the night.
I really don't know exactly when the tooth fairy became so wayward, but it happened, nonetheless. I try not to focus on negatives anyway.

Oh that wayward fairy! She somehow forgot to pick up the tooth and leave 2 shiny quarters. Poor Rose!
Of course I reminded Rose that the fairy really enjoyed pretty pictures, and I urged Rose to get busy with a drawing. I suppose even Rose is a little tired of the tooth fairy antics, because she didn't even want to bother with using crayons for her picture. Take THAT wayward tooth fairy!

Hopefully the tooth fairy will make an early stop here to the house with 4 shiny quarters for Rose, assuming the snow storm doesn't keep her from making it to the house.
She really is a pathetic tooth fairy, Devin and I both agree, and we are both grateful our kids can be bought off with only quarters.

Happy Snow Day Ya'll!


  1. I love how you amusing this post is! It makes the entire story a lot more interesting than the usual encounters with the tooth fairy. I hope Rose didn’t lose hope on the Tooth Fairy, since that wayward fairy somehow forgot about it. Haha! Kidding aside, your kids really are a treasure. Giving time and importance in those beliefs are something that you’ll only encounter as a child. And it seems like they’ve really considered it as an important matter. Thanks for sharing this with us, Sam. All the best!

    Anita Campbell @ Throgs Neck Dental

  2. This is incredibly cute! Hope that wayward Tooth Fairy learns her lesson soon enough and has her noggin’ checked. Haha! Kidding aside, just keep being awesome by letting your kids use their imaginations a lot. Trust me, it’ll help them greatly later in life. Cheers to you!

    Alessandra Landers @ My Maryville Dentist


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