Wednesday, April 8, 2015

21 Day Myth

There are always interesting emails that come through my inbox. I get many from people who are thinking about making a move to the country and others who are on land but need advice getting a *farm* started. Well, this email was sent to me in hopes I might know someone interested in a new television idea. The latest is one I agreed to share with all of you.

There is a casting call for folks who want to try the farm life for 21 days. Take a look and if you are interested, go ahead and shoot them an email. If you are cast, let me know!!!

                                             *Rose and Cow Milking 101! *

Looking for city families who are interested in making a change and moving their family to the country! Are you the quintessential city mom who cannot survive without her Starbucks Lattes, mani-pedi’s and Ipad?  But are you afraid of what this luxury city life is doing to your children?  Are you ready to instill the meaning of a hard days work and a more rugged lifestyle?  Magilla Entertainment and a major cable network are looking for families who are interested in testing out a change from big city living to rural farm life for 21 days.  Following the “21 Day Myth” in which people can mentally and physically make changes after this specific time period, this docu-series will capture the excitement and the fears of the family as they test out this new lifestyle change.  If you and your family are ready for this challenge, contact us ASAP at with “COUNTRY LIVING” in the subject along with your names, ages, location, occupation, contact numbers, recent photos and a brief paragraph about why you want to relocate your family from city to country.


  1. Sounds like an immersing idea. I'll be looking forward to hearing/sing how it turns out.

  2. do you know if it is too late to sign up for this opportunity?


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