Monday, June 22, 2015

Start to Summer

A few things happened over the weekend.

1. We got rain. Not much, but enough that I was able to move the hens and egg mobile. It has been super hot here and we just haven't had any rain. The ground is so hard and dry that moving the temporary bird fencing would have been tough. The quick rain shower gave the ground just enough softness that I could move the fence.

There is one mama hen who is caring for her one little chick, though. I had Indiana and Willow catch her and her baby so we could physically move them into the new egg mobile spot.

Because we are expecting another hot, dry week I moved the egg mobile near the tree line where the shade is plentiful.

2. The last three cows needing to be bred were artificially inseminated on Saturday. I didn't get a single picture of that event :-) I found a farmer who lives nearby and had a wide selection of semen. I decided on a sexed Guernsey, hoping I can get some heifers next year.

3. We celebrated Willow's 13th birthday at the lake! Her actually birthday is today, but we agreed that a lake day would be a great party.

The boys, and all the kids, enjoyed playing in the canoe.

The mud and clay is always popular with the boys too. They like to sculpt things and then air dry them. It can get messy, but a quick dip in the water usually cleans them up!

Willow opened some fabulous gifts! Thank you everyone who came out and spent they with us!!!

4. Devin got a new puppy for Father's Day. Actually we picked her up a couple of weeks ago. She is a cocker spaniel and Devin named her Luna.
She has been a wonderful little pup, but the lake wore her out!

Devin's mom had the chore of holding the sweet thing while she napped.
I hope to start posting many pictures of her as she grows!

The rest of my week will consist of surviving the heat and keeping the animals all hydrated. We have about 2 more weeks before chickens will be ready to process. Willow and Indy have been great helpers caring for the birds.

I hope everyone stays cool!

Happy Birthday Willow!!!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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