Wednesday, January 20, 2016

That Cold

That dreaded cold.

Usually I can shake it off in a few days...but not this time. I literally spent almost my entire days in bed for 7 days!
Then I attempted to be better and  act myself for another 3 days, failing miserably. I would manage to make it until about 2 pm and then have to crawl into bed and take a long nap.

Needless to say, not much happened here for a couple of weeks other than the basics. I am ever so grateful that Indiana can manage the cows and did ALL my milking while I was inside a warm house.

My ambitious list of projects and activities have been pushed aside until I get my house back in order and school work caught up.

Today we had hoped to see some snow. Yes I hoped for the white stuff. If it is going to be cold, at least give us something pretty outside.

Instead we got sleet and rain. Unfortunately there are several more weeks of winter, so we might still get some snow...a rare sight in Georgia.

We had issues this morning with the milk pump being frozen. Literally, it froze up. Indiana and I found a brood lamp and hung it above the pump to keep it warm tonight. Tomorrow it should work more smoothly.

This winter we have really gone through the hay! I am hoping we can last winter, but we might find ourselves buying some hay from a farmer down the road.
I have been trying to keep the girls extra full and Lucy is starting to look and act more like herself.

We spent a great deal of time outside today moving the hens and breaking ice in water troughs. I admit that it felt good to be back outside and helping with chores. Life is getting back to normal around here.

I even found time to take pictures with my babies. This is Chance. She's still a bit camera shy, but she's getting better.

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!!!

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