Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Easter Bunny

Never a dull day here.

Easter morning we woke up to find Annabelle in labor. Annabelle was born on the farm to our first milk cow Lucy. You can see the post about Annabelle HERE.

We had Annabelle artificially inseminated with sexed Guernsey semen, hoping for a nice heifer with the fabulous traits of both Jersey and Guernsey.

We were not disappointed at all.

Although Annabelle did require a slight amount of help via us pulling, the calf came out beautifully and a good size for a heifer.

 I was a little worried when Annabelle did not immediately pop up and start licking her baby. In fact, she just layed there in sort of a daze.
Thankfully I have reliable farming neighbors with years and years of experience. Farmer Joe assured me that Annabelle would soon perk up.

We assessed the baby and she was breathing fine, so we carried her to Annabelle's heads she could sniff her.

Within seconds Annabelle was perking up and licking her new baby.

It did take her a while to get on her feet, but she did quickly once other cows started sniffing around.

Of course Willow insisted that we name the calf Bunny since she was born on Easter. Who could argue with that?

Annabelle is doing good milking, especially for a first time milker. She lifts her feet some but doesn't kick, and Bunny is a darn good eater.

We let her out to exercise and stretch her legs today after her breakfast.

All in all, a good dairy week so far :-)

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

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  1. What an exciting Easter you've had! They are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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