Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Studio Space

We have a partially finished basement area. Devin uses a room for a workout/weight room and I use the other for a sewing space.

Because my room was without a window, it felt dreary. I enjoyed the space, but didn't enjoy sewing in there for log stretches. Devin suggested we switch rooms and so we did.

I decided that since I was moving to a new space that I should paint the walls a bright color and attempt to decorate the area too.

Excuse the poor cell phone pictures, but here is what I have now.

We painted and hung a peg board to hang all of the hand dyed embroidery yarns over my cutting and sewing table.

This shelving unit I painted gray and it holds all of my yarns, as well as several other items.

I spent a great deal of time sorting through fabric scraps. Any pieces with some reasonable size to them were folded and stacked onto this shelf. They were previously stored in rubbermaid boxes by color. This allows me to see exactly what I have at a glance. Of course my ironing board needed a spot to rest as well.

Rose helped me make a strip fabric curtain with some of the many strip scraps I had stored in a box. I also have some of my crochet works in progress stored in that large basket by the sofa.
Speaking of sofa.....

We had a sofa upstairs that wasn't getting much use so we managed to bring it down into my room. I found some appliqué blocks I made several years ago and made them into pillow covers. Now I have a comfy space that the children love to enjoy while I am sewing.

I also made a design board out of insulation foam board and quilt batting. It hangs on the wall behind the sofa.

While moving my sewing items into my new studio I came across a purse that I made over a year ago. I love the skull fabric and it always gets compliments. I made two. One for me and one extra. It was intended to be used as a gift, but it never did find a recipient. Until now.....

I want to give this shiny skull bag away to one of ya'll. I haven't had a give away on here in a very long time!

US residents only, please. To enter, leave a comment. Tell me what kind of space you would like to have or that you already have for yourself. If you share this blog post on Facebook, let me know and I will enter you a second time. Winner will be drawn randomly on Monday at 9pm EST. Winner will be announced Tuesday.

Now it's time to get chores done and this day started!

Happy Saturday Ya'll!


  1. Hi Sami! Well, I enjoy reading your blog, and I try to always share it on Facebook. I'll be sharing this one! I feel like I alreadywon a prize, when I opened that mailer and out came Coffee Nut M&Ms! Oh they were so good!
    Anyway, I don't have but my one room, and part of the laundry room for my craft stuff. My yarn sits in pretty shopping bags & in big plastic bins, along with all my needlework projects. I'm hoping to get them all moved into the back of the laundry room - it's a space big enough to hold a king size bed, small bedside table, a dresser and a skinny bookshelf! How do I know? We had a friend who needed a place to live for a while! She's moved to a new place, so, my granddaughter & I have a craft area!

  2. Samantha I love your room and it is so organized :) I love reading your blog and share with friends on FB. since I moved to Rock Spring I have a small bedroom (No Bed)that is my sewing, computer and dressing room!! When we ever remodel or build I want something more structured and organized. When I tell my friends about you I call you Superwoman, because you are involved in doing so many things, WOW!! Your purse is cute, would be great for the month of October, Boo!!

  3. I would really love to have a reading/writing space of my own.. with a big fluffy chair you just sink into, walls of books, and a desk with an old typewriter. Ahh, heavenly..

    Your space looks gorgeous. I'm REALLY digging those curtains, I so need to recreate that!

    Your bag is super cute too.. it would make a great addition here. I only carry tote purses like that. :)

  4. Oooh, I am visiting my best friend in a few weeks and she'd LOVE a bag like that... As for me, the space I need is one in which I can hide away from the kids and cats and read in peace and quiet! I'm not crafty enough to need a room for projects but I see a nice, overstuffed chair, some great blankets and pillows and a large bookshelf filled with books in my space! :)


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