Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Look at 44

Warning, this is my transparent post of the year. My birthday was yesterday so I spent some time reviewing my year all that I have learned.
What good is life if you are not constantly evolving and learning?

It was quite a year, and now I am 44 years old or young...it depends on how much sleep I get, really.

Here is my year of wisdom and transparency:

1. Relationships matter.

The relationships in your life can be good ones or bad ones. Both types will affect your life in some way, either positively or negatively. Get rid of the negative ones. Life is short and it is your decision whether to live life positively or negatively.

Remove the negative and foster the positive. This includes family and friends.

When you purge the bad relationships, make sure you keep the good ones fostered, especially with your own children and your spouse.

2. Farming can be tough, but it can also be very rewarding.

I have learned more in my farming years than at any other time in my life. The only exception would be raising children, which has taught me tons too, especially about my own personality.

I still get negative comments regarding farming, but by far a majority of the comments are positive. Nobody will ever totally discourage me (see #1 above), and I have gracefully learned that any life in agriculture is a life with unexpected results at times.

I absolutely know that farming has impacted my life and the lives of my children in a positive way, and that I will always be grateful for the little voice in my head that encouraged me to get this life started.

I am also immensely grateful for my friends and mentors who farm, as they have been great encouragement to me many times in the last several years. I strive to be the same encouraging voice for others who contact me with ideas and dreams of their own farm.

3. Kids are the greatest blessing.

When I told people I was pregnant again, I had several people openly tell me how crazy I was for having another. Again see #1 above.

It is not my fault if people are too narrow sighted to see a baby as anything but a blessing. I cannot control their thinking or even change their minds. Instead I have learned to focus on the ones who feel as I do about babies and to keep my circle tight with like minded individuals who will love me and my children.

One only needs to be in my house a short time before they see how wonderful and uplifting it is to be here, in a home with loving kids who admire and love their new sibling to the ends of the earth. I honestly could not ask for more in my life than to have this very family and this very life.

Always know that children are an immense blessing and they should never be viewed with disdain.

4. Life is hard.

There will always be days when life is just hard and you wonder how on earth you will ever recover.
You will sometimes want to try and take charge of everything yourself, in despair and desperation.

When you get to that point, just stop.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best solution. Sometimes laying awake in bed at night worrying is the worst solution.

I have learned that things usually work themselves out. Do what you can and try not to worry too much. Yeah, that is too simplistic, I know. I also know that just worrying yourself into a panic does nothing for the situation.

Have faith.

5. I am beautiful and my body is amazing.

How's that for being overly self confidant?

This last year I was pregnant, again, and I was also amazed at everything my body can do, again.

In fact, I think my body looks the best when I am pregnant and when I am just postpartum. It is a miraculous thing to grow a baby and then to nourish that baby.

My lack of sleep shows on my face, my belly sticks out and wiggles like jelly. My boobs are sore and leaking milk, but I always think of myself as a miracle. Every post partum aspect of myself is proof that I can do miraculous things. I embrace it, as all women should. A woman's body is truly a masterpiece, no matter how it looks.

My mantra for this next year is to be the best I can be, to love and be kind, and to embrace the ups and the downs of life.

Year 44 will be my best year yet!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!


  1. What a fantastic and wise post. Happy birthday; hope your next year is full good health and of time spent with those you love most

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! You are amazing girl!! I'm glad to know you and your sweet family.

  3. Kids are an amazing blessing. I love gardening. I live canning what I have grown. Happy Birthday!

  4. I have enjoyed getting acquainted with you via FB and mutual friends. I grew up on a farm and raised Jersey cows, selling milk and showing them at the fair in 4-H clubs. And when I had 4 babies in 5 years, I, too, attracted much attention by those who carefully spaced their 2.347 children :):) I loved being pregnant and the beautiful magic of being woman and mother. I admire your commitment to being fully yourself and your enjoyment of the world you inhabit. Kudos, lovely woman!

  5. Oh Sami, I think this is the best part you have done! And I agree with every point you made! I'm just thankful I met you. We haven't met in person. We live on opposite sides of the country. I'm about 30 years older than you. I didn't birth but 2 precious children but I married a widower with 10. I believe that however God gives us children, they are ours for keeps, to raise with all the love and care we can, trusting that HE will give us the wisdom and knowledge needed. Thank you! You are indeed blessed. And your husband is blessed. And most importantly, your children are blessed!

  6. Great post!
    Beautiful family!
    Donna . NY

  7. This was lovely to read, I especially liked the part where you described how you feel about your body, I've just found out I'm pregnant with my eighth baby (shh no one else knows yet) so it was very reassuring. X

  8. What a wonderful post. The ups and downs are inevitable and need to be embraced. Farming is hard but life is very good.


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