Monday, January 9, 2017


                        Happy New Year!

Normally I am diving head first into a new year with goals and plans out the wadzoo.

Right now I am hoping for a 3 hour stretch of sleep at night. New babies are needy and demanding and hungry and fickle. So this is my reality at the moment. Don't get me wrong, for I am super happy to have this little angel, but I must dampen my usual enthusiasm for accomplishing lots until he is less needy.

Today the younger kids and I did attend a meeting for a new home school co-op. I decided to enroll them because they honestly do not get out of the house much. When I had just the 3-4 oldest girls I had them in music classes and play groups and art...lots of activities.
I do not wish to be that busy with outside activities, but one day a week is perfect for my young crew.  They are super excited to start too!

We had a huge cold snap over the weekend in which we became snowed in with a little less than a half inch of snow. That's the South for you. It was very cold, though, not above freezing for a few days.
I needed more hay for the cows, but Devin was out of town. Fortunately I had several friend offer to come fetch hay with the tractor. My goal this week is to have Devin show me how to get the hay myself. A HUGE THANK YOU to Larry for helping me out and to all the many people who checked on me to see if I needed help.

I am currently looking at ordering new pullet babies for eggs this summer, and we plan to run at least 2 batches of pastured chickens. I was hoping to have a nice brooder built, but it might be  project for me and the girls to tackle. I just don't feel like having rubbermaid boxes as brooders placed all through my kitchen this year. Time to upgrade.

I have several farm projects to tackle before spring which includes pregnancy checking cattle, finishing orchard/garden area and deciding/buying temporary fencing to move cattle with on property.

But today I am going to hold my needy little earthling and maybe warm up a cup of coffee. Dinner is staying warm in the Instant Pot and the kids are playing downstairs. 

It is a new year, and I hope 2017 is a blessed and prosperous one for everyone!




  1. Sami, you have a beautiful new little one to hold, snuggle and cherish. I love seeing both the picture of him being fussy and the one with his beautiful smile!
    Isn't it fun to watch as each child developes their personality? It's not easy, but you and Devin are doing an amazing job nurturing your children!

  2. Happy New Year to you all! Love the family photo - that's funny!


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