Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kids and the Kid

Gotta admit it!
Georgia has atypical winters. One day it is cold as ice and the next day we are wearing shorts.

This week has been a short wearing week. In fact, my pasture wasn't this green back in the summer, thanks to the drought.

I took the baby on a walk to the mailbox this afternoon, carrying him in the Ergo he got for Christmas. We stopped to snap a picture of Hilda the pig grazing in the pasture, which gets greener by the day.

The boys took advantage of the warm weather too by playing outside the entire week.
Today Devin took a hose to drain water off the swimming pool cover. What happened next was a delight to both boys and Kid, the German Shepherd pup.

The water draining off created the perfect scenario of mud piles and a small mud pile dam. 

I include Kid because she has become a close companion to the kids, especially the boys. The boys cannot go outside without Kid, unless we want to hear her whimper wild inside the house.

She loves to watch over them and play with them too, especially when water or sticks are involved.

The kids have been watching a show on Netflix called Most Deadliest Animals and they had sharks on there last night. I am going to assume that is the reason the boys built a shark pond.

We will soak up the warmth while we can because it is just the start of February.

In a few days this water could be ice. 

Happy February Ya'll!!


  1. Oh Sami, this is wonderful and brought big smiles to my face & heart! Thank you!

  2. Oh Sami, this is wonderful and brought big smiles to my face & heart! Thank you!

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  4. Love this weather 😊 We might be building a snowman ⛄️ before the month is over ☃️😂

  5. Love the mud and yay for you having an ergo! I loved mine with my babies, so much more comfortable than any other sling I've ever owned :)

  6. Before we discuss Pampers Delicate Infant baby fresh wipe, allow me to tell you something. One day concerning a year earlier, I was walking with my spouse.


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