Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Bee Keepers

What do you do when you are 8 months pregnant and have 11 hives to feed syrup to everyday?

In my case, I put the younger bee keepers to work! Indiana and Willow are most enthusiastic when it comes to helping me in the apiary.

Indiana has gotten really good at opening the hives and going through frames. Today we took the smaller nuc (shown in front) and placed it into a full hive (the box Indiana is touching).
I made that nuc over a month ago to raise a queen so I could re-queen a certain hive. In the meantime that hive raised its own new queen. This all equates to a new hive for the bee-yard.

Yes, these very lucky bee keepers get to drive a go-kart down to the bee yard. That is one great advantage to having so much room outdoors here.

I see a future in bee keeping for these youngsters!!!!!


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