Monday, August 30, 2010

Where To Begin...

I have been absent, but only in blogging. I have been here in spirit, hoping to find the motivation to write and take pictures and such.
Tonight I have decided that sometimes you just gotta do it...even if it seems "blah" or if the energy just doesn't seem to be there.
Have I depressed you all yet? Hello? (crickets chirping.....)
I will spare the details and start fresh with new realistic facts that I will be having a baby soon (in about 4 more weeks) and that our school year starts in a week!!!! I am grateful we can start after Labor Day while the government schools started August 4th this year! That is crazy!!
Oh, and the picture above is my dad and Indiana. Precious, yes?

Here is Cricket,our new kitty. I went to the pet store to buy crickets for the bearded dragon and decided to bring this cute guy home. I do things like that, especially when I am pregnant, hormonal, and want to care for every animal in need.

The honeybees are doing great and well I now have 14 hives! See that long looking thing at the bottom of this picture? That is a queen cell. A new queen will emerge from that cell. These frames I like to take and start new hives, and that is why I have so many now. Hopefully I will have so much honey to extract next year that I will complain:-)

I am back and I promise to keep you all filled in on the happenings. It is busy here preparing for a new baby and school. I have been baking and cooking like crazy. My birth kit has been ordered and I have washed baby clothes:-)

Where did the summer go?

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