Friday, June 18, 2010

The Week In Pictures

We always have interesting weeks around here and with 6 kids and a ton of critters, who's surprised?
I thought I would share some sights from the last few days here. Enjoy (or be scared).
This is Skipper the toad. he lives under the back deck somewhere and comes out every summer night. He has been around a couple of years now.
I suggested Devin build the kids a tree house so he decided to build a castle in the sky. Here he is with a friend lifting the floor joists up....way too high. (sigh)
This little doggie is Jill. She is the very new pet of my mom and dad. She likes to chew on Zeb's pacifiers.

This is Dolly, my mom's other dog. She has a mohawk and she is very sweet. She likes to stay the night and play with the bulldogs.

Speaking of bulldogs, this is Duke sleeping on the couch, which is strictly forbidden. I mean I do not allow any dogs on the couch, ever!

We have also discovered that Zelda can stick her tongue into her nose. How very talented.

Finally, this hive is looking like a hive that is considering a swarm. Tomorrow I will need to pull the honey supers off and go through the hive and see what is going on. It was very hot out today and they could just be cooling off, BUT that's alot of bees.
This was the week. I wonder what the weekend will bring.

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