Friday, June 4, 2010

The Full Monty, Sort Of

Once upon a time there was a this gal, a very smart gal, who was very smart when it came to bees and children and making funnel cakes. Well, one day this gal tried to upload pictures on her blog, a blog about bees and children and funnel cakes, only to discover an error. An error with the blog template and program. She searched and researched for a way to fix the error but to no avail.

This made the gal pretty frustrated so she decided to eat half a container of Breyers Rocky Road ice cream and call it a day.

After several days and a few containers of ice cream she decided that only the Geek Squad or someone of equivalent computer knowledge could solve her computer issues. In an attempt to spare her sanity and rescue her ice cream stash the gal switched back to Blogger for her blogging needs.

Although she misses many elements of the Word press program she has found some aspects of Blogger that are just as nice and  seem to be more in line with her huge lack of HTML knowledge.

Now she can get back to sharing important tid bits of information with her internet family such as how the installation of new bee packages went or how fabulous the garden is growing. She is happy to be back, although she may be suffering a slight rocky road withdrawl.

Not all aspects of the new blog are in place, but she knows that her visiting friends and family will overlook the bareness and be so happy to see her again.

The moral of the story is this: When you find Breyers on sale at the store you should always buy twice as much as you think you should.

This is not as exciting as a full monty, of course, but this is all the drama I can drum up today.


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