Friday, June 4, 2010

The Barefooters

Barefoot Farm was named so because of the fact that the children and my husband do not wear shoes 99.9% of the time. Honestly. I cannot lie about such a matter.
Another fact is that when you live here, not only are shoes optional but hair brushing is optional as well. At least that is what I tell myself each day when my kids walk around at noon with a "bed head."

Allow me to introduce the family:

 This is Journee, the oldest, and her dog named Zelda. Journee does most of the chores here that relate to the chickens and ducks. She is my favorite.

This fisher woman here is Quinn. She helps me out a bunch with the youngest and hopes to someday catch a bigger fish than the one pictured. She is my favorite.

 This girl is Indiana. She was named after our favorite movies and has grown to fit the name. She is sometimes called "firecracker" because she is very spirited. She's my favorite.

 Willow is my fourth girl and she is very sweet and motherly. She also has one dimple, on the right side of her face. That makes her special and my favorite.

 Rose is the youngest daughter. She likes to dance and has a very contagious laugh. She's also my favorite.

Yes, we had a boy. He is Zeb. He spends his days trying to throw things down the stairs and plug things into outlets. He's all boy and of course, my favorite.

Then there is the baby, Fletcher. Now we have 2 boys who get into everything, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Of course the baby is the whole family's favorite!

 This here is Devin, my husband and fellow bee keeper. The barefoot gene comes directly from him, as do the funny senses of humor. The jury is still out on where the lack of hair brushing gene is could possibly be from us both. He is also one of my favorites.


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