Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Say "NO!"

Here lately I have been really hating buying produce at the grocery store. In fact I have waiting for a day such as today when the season is here to grow my own.
Seriously, cucumbers are almost a dollar each at the store! Bell peppers are almost as much....NO WAY!
Well, for the next few months I can say ,"No thanks!" to the grocery store and YES! my garden.

The girls wanted to plant carrots this year and they were so happy to pull some up and eat'em today!

Lettuce, anyone? I have actually been harvesting this for a few weeks and it makes a terrific salad.

Now, these potatoes are another item the girls planted all by themselves. They are super easy to grow, super cheap, and tons of fun to harvest. Just pull'em up and grab the potatoes off. We actually got alot of potatoes from only 4 seed potatoes. Don't have a good spot for a garden? You can plant these in a large planter or a sand bucket even. Kids really enjoy them.

For goodness sakes, even Zeb helped us out! I am happy to have some FRESH cucumbers!!!!

Of course it was H-O-T outside today. I think it was 98 with a heat index of 100. Need I mention it was also H-U-M-I-D? We were not able to go work in the garden until 7:30 in the evening, but we loaded up and I must say that I think I need to get the canner ready. The tomato plants are loaded and will be ripening up in a week or so.
Summer at My Barefoot Farm. We are blessed.

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