Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is my latest quilt creation. It is all ready for binding..which I fully intend to complete sometime this month. Whew!
I get like this every time I am pregnant. Why?????? I have started a kazillion sewing projects and am now under pressure to get them all finished before my due date. I think I do this because I know that after this little guy is here I will be through with projects for several months. So I bust my bootie beforehand. (sigh)
And the bees? Well, they are busy and I am almost ready to extract honey for the year. It has been very hot outside (it feels like July and August) so that requires the bee chores to be done early in the morning while it is still only in the 80's out. The hives look great though and I am now ordering more books on raising queens. Next year I hope to venture into that area. Of course it might interfere with my bon-bon eating but that's okay.
Bring it on........ or as Devin would say "grab it and growl!"

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