Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Dog and His Pie

Okay ya'll, first I want to say that my blog has multiple personalities and cannot decide how it wants to look. You might notice the template changing several times a day, and that is because I am really way too picky. End of story. Please hang in there while I search for the perfect template, hopefully within the next year:-)

Now I want to talk about my dog. Here he is as a new puppy.

 He was a sweet puppy and we got him from Devin's brother who breeds these American Bulldogs. His full name is Duke of Georgia, but we just call him Duke. I was so happy to get a BIG dog to help keep the varmints and coyotes off the farm.

This is Duke now,a year later. He is still a sweet and gentle dog (at 100lbs) but  sometimes he gets into trouble. An example was this week when Zeb threw his soccer ball into the front yard and I forgot to bring it back inside at dinner time.

Duke? What are you doing? Did you do something to that ball like chew it?
**Please note his submissive and innocent manner when questioned**
 Here he is trying to convince me that he was just hanging out and tasting the fresh green grass and the ball just happened to roll into his head.
Upon further inspection, however, I believe I have adequate evidence to the contrary. Poor ball.

Then there was my blueberry pie I baked for dessert, using the last of my blueberry stash from last year.
By the way, this is not my pie....the pie I baked. I could never post a picture of my homemade pies because the crust NEVER looks that perfect. I try and try and make the crust from scratch and it tastes great but NEVER, EVER has it looked like that. It seems simple enough. You know that scene in Snow White when she is singing and making dinner for the 7 dwarfs and she is making little pies? She makes it looks SO simple and yet even after watching her after all these years I cannot make the perfect pie. Okay, moving on....

Well, the other day we were all outside sitting on the front porch sipping sweet tea (that's what you do here in the South) when we heard a crash from inside.
We rushed in to find a busted pie dish and pie all over the floor. This picture is but a glimpse of the mess. I had to wipe down cabinets as well as the floor.
Well, Duke was the only one in the house and yet where was he? Hmmmm. OH! Over there across the kitchen and near the back door. I see him.
"Duke! What happened? Who did this? How did my pie end up all over the floor?"
Well I may not be Sherlock Holmes, but I can figure this one out. Duke, of course, denies any part in the pie crash. I wonder if a mirror would help?
Who knew that dogs liked blueberries? You learn something new everyday here, as well as clean up at least one mess too.

Till next time,

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