Friday, September 10, 2010

Schooling With Toddlers

I am often asked questions like, "How do you homeschool with little ones?"
"What do you do with your baby or toddler when you school the older kids?"

This is a common question for any mom who has many kids of many ages and homeschools. This is in fact a question that at times I ask myself, especially when I am worn out and exhausted from all of the household chores that must still be accomplished while also schooling the kids.

Sometimes the answer is easy. There are days when the toddler is happy and content to just play with toys in the adjoining living room.

Everyday my living room looks likes this picture above because even if he does not play with toys he always pulls them out and throws them everywhere. That's OK. We always do a tidy up when we are finished and again at night before bedtime.

Of course there are other days when there only seems to be one thing that will keep my toddler from totally driving us crazy and when only one thing will keep him in one spot and away from electrical outlets and other potential hazards that he enjoys so much.

It is the Nintendo DS. It is a well kept secret of mine. Here is what happens if I pull it out and put a Spongebob video in it......

Yep! He sits still for a good 15 minutes! He is captivated with the sounds and color and action.

So, for all you folks who had images of my super clean house and educationally occupied you go. Sometimes you just have to pull out all the stops to get a 15 minute reprive from the chaos that only a 2 year old can create. Just think, in a few weeks I get to add a nursing newborn to the mix:-)
Is it worth it? Yes
It all comes together with a little patience and lots of organization. In the meantime... it is time for that nightime tidy up. Have a great weekend, ya'll.

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