Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Boy

Zeb now has a big boy haircut.
Here he is before......

Here he is now!.....

Okay, so some curls are now gone. I did love his curls but I am not about to keep him long haired just so I can look at curly hair. He looks like a little boy now and is very handsome.

In other news, it is dry, dry, dry outside and the bees do not like it. THe trees and flowers and grass do not like it either. In fact, the goldenrod is starting to bloom and I really am depending on it to get the hives ready for winter. I was hoping for another small extraction of honey but it is not going to happen. This weekend I will have to go through each hive and see how they look and decide if any need to be combined for stronger numbers going into the winter season.
Have I bored you with honeybee talk yet?

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