Monday, December 12, 2011

Hand Made Holidays: A Gift Your Kids Can Make Part Deaux

 FIRST!....keeping it real........

For the record, my infant (who is actually 15 months old) still does not sleep through the night. Go figure.
It's perplexing and sometimes down right frustrating. last night I ended up sticking him in bed with me and we both got some sleep...well until he started rolling and kicking me in his sleep at 2 am. I must mention that he was wearing those footed pjs with the textured soles on the feet. That adds a whole new dimension to the pain of a baby kick on your face.

This weekend we actually bribed the kids to watch and play with the little ones for a couple of hours so we could go back to bed! Shameful? Not one bit! I offered $5 to the children but they wanted a 2 liter soda instead. The scene at meal time was crazy.
One day I hope to have them all drinking from a glass! Yep, we have great table manners here. We look like true health nuts! was worth the couple hours of rest though!

I say all of this to say that I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed with my schedule for the next few weeks. There were too many *things* on it. Too many appointments. This is when my smart self realizes that it is my own fault. To remedy the problem I simply called and moved all of the eye and dental appointments to January. Done. My calender looks better and I feel better. Now I can focus on Christmas and family...NOT a kazillion appointments!

That is my pearl for the day:-)

Here is my craft for the day.
Truly your kids can make these up quite quickly.

Jelly Jar Pin Cushion

 Gather a jam jar with a lid, some scrap fabric, poly stuffing or cotton balls, and pins or sewing supplies such as buttons. You will also need a glue gun.
 Cut a large square from the fabric and tuck it down into the band and start stuffing some poly filling  in it.
 Put the lid down into the band and trim the fabric and also pull it tight.
 You should have something like this.
 Now glue the excess fabric down with your glue gun.
 It will look a little messy, but it should be all glued down.
 Gather some sewing supplies or buttons to fill the jar and then screw the new lid on.

 Place about 10 or so pins on the top.
 Show off your new gift you made!!!!!
 Make another one with a smaller jam jar. Fill this one with pretty buttons!
How's that for fast and easy? Who can your child make one for?


Hope your week's not too crazy ya'll!


  1. Brilliant you are.. and no shame here.. mine rarely slept through the night until after they were two. Bribe is just another word for sanity :)


  2. and a 2 liter per child is alot cheaper than $5 per child!!!!! :-)

  3. Love this! I just pinned it on Pinterest.


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