Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hit the Trail

Today was a day to decompress. It was a day to hang out with the coolest 16 year old on the planet. It was a day to just enjoy.

 We went trail riding at the stable where Journee takes riding lessons. It was fun and I now smell like a horse.
It is so wonderful to see your kids grow and develop their talents. Journee has natural horsewoman skills and she was a pleasure to watch. My bum is just a little sore:-)


Monday I took the youngsters to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was almost free. If you home school, let me tell you that Pizza Hut has a reading program and home school families can participate. The kids get certificates for reading books each month that gives them a free personal pan pizza. It is a nice treat to take them out every so often for a pizza with a topping of THEIR choosing. I took Zeb along and the kid had a blast.


 We are gearing up for Christmas and my new Christmas quilt came in yesterday from my quilter. I was happy to see it and Fletcher REALLY loved it. I think he must love the bright colors. Who wouldn't? It's festive and beautiful and I have almost finished the binding.
 This time of year is a favorite because it allows us the opportunity to be together and to celebrate just being a family. How wonderful to be a family and to decorate the house and sip hot chocolate every evening. Memories are made with each movie and game we play together. Each book we read together plants a seed that we are a family. When you are a large family the memories are multiplied. I was asked today by the stable owner how I can afford so many kids and why do I want so many?
Simply put, I explained that my kids don't get everything they want. We don't buy them new cars and expensive things. Everyone pitches in and works together. It's a large family way of life and we love it.
As to why I want so many? Why wouldn't I? Who turns down the greatest blessing and gift bestowed upon us?
Of course this time of year also adds a great deal of planning and work. My bees need candy boards this time of the year, as a guarantee that they have plenty of food stores. It also allows them ample food for early build up of brood. So my list of things to do not only includes cleaning the house and baking but also making candy boards and putting them on the hives. I taped my long list to the front of my shiny fridge so that it would look extra tacky and really motivate me to get busy. We will see how that works out.


That is my week so far. How is your week going? Are you ready for Christmas?

Hey, at least I have a little elf to help me!

Hope your week is productive and memorable!

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