Friday, April 6, 2012


"Most of us choose our own shackles.We choose our own shortcomings. Goodness knows, the shortcomings buffet offers a diversified portfolio. Want a better marriage? Work on it. Want a change of life style? Work on it." -Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin has been the go-to man around here since we are adding a dairy cow to the ever increasing menagerie of farm animals.

The above quote, among his many fine ones, struck a chord with me. We do tend to choose our own shackles. It's something to really consider and ponder.
What could we do if we didn't listen to the "experts" or the guy next door.  What is keeping you from pursuing your dreams or starting a family or growing your family? These shackles can lock us up in any aspect of our lives and keep us from moving forward or from growing or from even moving on with our lives.

As that seed attempts to find its planting spot in your head, let me cover the highlights of my week.


 Being the total nerd that I am, I ordered t-shirts for the farm. Yep, I will be wearing one next weekend at my Basic Bee Keeping Course. I love these shirts. It's a reminder of what is possible when you remove and lose the shackles.

This afternoon I spent several hours outside with little children all around me as I climbed a step stool and thinned peaches from my trees in the orchard. It was tiring work after a while but it is also worthwhile work. Watching kids play and talking about fruit trees and why we thin them is the ultimate education. It is also the pure joy of staying home and having your kids with you, by your side. By your side happens to be the best and most natural place for them to be, by the way.


 On the crafting home front we learned that if you mix equal parts of shaving cream and school glue you will get a foamy textured finger paint.
Mix it together and spread it on paper and let it dry. The dry product is a smooshy, foamy feeling product that you can't help but smash. It's like getting bubble wrap and having to stomp all over it. Sometimes you can't break the temptation.


 Yes, this is my best friend from high school. Yes, we are a bit nuts and yes we were like this waaaaay back then.
She lives just a couple hours from here and drove up with her two beautiful kiddos to visit. It's like we were never apart. We pick up and talk and discuss and that is a sweet thing about life long friendships.
I also got to hold her sweet, precious baby girl. This sweetie-pie will be celebrating her first birthday next weekend and her mommy is going all out to celebrate! We wish we could go, but we get our cow that day. Guess we will have to celebrate with a cookout later this is almost outdoor movie night time!


I finished this book earlier this week and I must say that the story is riveting. It's emotional. It's incredible.
If you haven't bought a copy yet, please do. It is a stunning realization that people are suffering incredibly at the hands of a totalitarian government and we sit idle. We do nothing. What can we do? What shackles are preventing us from doing something?I ask this of everyone and especially of myself. I will spend the next couple of weeks trying to decide what I can do.
I can promise you this one thing. I know with all my heart  that God has huge plans for this man, Shin, and I am so grateful to have read and learned his story and to watch his life and works unfold.


This weekend will be celebrate in many ways. However you plan your weekend, I hope it is special. I hope it is wonderful. I hope it is shackle free:-)

Friday Phone Dump:

See you Monday!

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