Friday, March 30, 2012

I Went There

Why have only one cow when you can get a second for a pretty good price? Yep, I just got home tonight from a trip a few hours north into Tennessee to look at a few Jersey cows for sale.
I might get one. This of course means we would then have 2 cows once they all get onto the property this spring.
This would also mean two baby calves this year.

It might possibly mean that I have LOST MY MIND!!!! In fact as I sit here and type I smell poo. Is it the baby? No.  Is it my shoes (sniff, sniff) No.  Maybe a dog (look around) No.  Wonder if I just spent too much time looking at cows today...but we won't go down that road yet.

Oh and my milking supplies and cheese supplies are rolling in bit by bit each day. In about 2 weeks, we will be ready:-)


On another, more somber note, there is a great book coming out Tuesday titled, "Escape from Camp 14."

It's about a young mans escape from a labor camp in North Korea. He was born in the camp and escaped in his 20's. Should you read it? Yes.
There are many countries out there in the world that are terrible and governments that commit terrible acts of crime against its people. None are as bad or as cruel as North Korea. None.

China doesn't help the situation either.

Here is a video made by my bestest friend and fighter for freedom in North Korea. Watch it and then be grateful for your country. Consider how you can help spread the word about the plight of North Korean citizens.

I hope your weekend is blessed!

***I was just informed that a dog is smelly, like she rolled in poo outside somewhere. Whew! it's not me and my crazy imagination:-)


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