Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness

It is our version around anniversary and several birthdays within a week's time.

Yesterday was my second born daughter's birthday. She turned 14. Happy birthday Quinn!

Our weekend was spent having parties and eating tons of food. It was a great weekend...the way it should be when you have so many reasons to celebrate.

                                                                     *Quinn age 3*

A friend of mine posted on FB lastnight about the fallacy of a large family. Sometimes people say that two parents could not possibly have enough love within themselves to love so many children. It is a fallacy indeed. In fact that statement would only be stated by someone who has never been around a large family.

And what about the love between siblings?

                                                              *Journee age 5, Quinn age 3*

I feel sorry for those kids who do not have lots of siblings to pal around with and bond, and home schooling only strengthens that bond. You home educating, large families know exactly what I am talking about.

                                                              *Journee age 16, Quinn age 13*

These two girls are still hanging out and goofing off together and I suspect they always will.


On another note, my honey bees have been very busy! A frost last week zapped my plum trees that were blooming but my peach trees are still going strong!

Did you know about 1/3 of all the fruits and veggies we eat are pollinated by the honey bee? I know who to thank when we have peaches this year! Thank you my bee ladies!

Hope everyone has a great week! We have yet another time change (we moved one hour forward Sat. night) to get adjusted to and it stinks. It always messes us up for about a week and the little ones are a bit cranky. Okay, I get a little cranky too. Time for more coffee.

Happy Monday!!!!

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