Monday, March 5, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

There was this guy and this girl who were still in college, but decided after dating for 3 months to get married.

Sure they could have just lived together, you know to see how they got along, first.

But these two were truly committed. It was a dive in head first or get out of the water type of situation so they planned a little wedding over the next 3 months time.

Yep there were joy suckers in the process, people who doubted it would last. This guy and that girl paid no attention, and it was a helpful lesson to follow your heart that served them well throughout their lives.

After 7 months of being together they were wed.

Here we are now, after 18 years and 7 babies, celebrating another anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us! Here's to diving in head first and swimming along fine through the journey!


  1. Oh wow! That is beautiful, many congratulations!!!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!! Fantastic....

  3. Happy Anniversary, I love you both so much. :)


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