Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women Rock!

Today is the birthday of baby #3. She is no longer a baby though, she is 12 years old.

WOW! I have three teen daughters in the house now. Where did the time go?

                                                                         *Indy age 2*

A common comment from people who see me with my 5 daughters is, "Oh I feel sorry for you!" or "Just wait until they are all teens and you'll be sorry!"

                                         *Indy age 2. She attended lots of LLL Meetings as a child:-)*

How sad that so many people feel the need to degrade women.
We wonder about the self esteem of our daughters? Those comments alone are enough to make me cringe in sorrow for young women and girls everywhere who hear them. When I would go out to the store with all five little girls and strangers would make those comments in front of them, I would literally get red in the face mad. How dare a person insult someone based off their gender, to pigeon hole them as difficult, dramatic, or crazy simply because they are females.

                                                   *Indy always had a flare for bright socks as a child*

Well, I will state that I do believe and always have believed that having daughters is amazing. I would take a dozen more! Girls are not only smart, but also resourceful, reliable, witty, determined, strong, and faithful. Being beautiful too is the icing on the cake! (yes, boys are many great things too but I am discussing girls today)

The drama and antics that are the typical stereotype for teen girls is, I think, the result of parents and peers who expect that behavior. We do not have those attitudes here because more is expected of my girls.

It is an important lesson in life that children usually become what is expected of them. As parents, we keep the bar raised high so that the full potential within each child blooms.

That is my say for the day!

It is going to be beautiful outside here in Georgia! We have plans to clean chicken coops and to play outside. I have plans to finish up a quilt this week. Of course, between meals and laundry not everything gets done in a day. You know what? It's OK!

Indiana is celebrating her birthday this weekend with pizza and friends. We can't wait!

                                                         *Indiana is always up for a good time!*

Hope your day is fabulous!

Tell a  lady she is fantastic today!


  1. I have 4 daughters and often here the same thing. 3 of mine are now teens and young women. Every single time I heard/hear that said in front of them I immediately say, "I love my teen girls! I've loved every stage of kids and I love the teen years too! It's so neat to see them growing into their own people!"

    It ALWAYS stops the speaker in their tracks and you should see the look on my girls' faces. :) I'm not lying either. I love my teens and tell them that all the time.

    The oldest is now 20 and she still tells us how much she appreciated us standing up for them.

    So Happy birthday to your beautiful young lady and ENJOY those years!! She is blessed to have you as a mom!

  2. I agree it is important for our girls to hear us say positive things! I cringe when people point out those negatives! Happy to meet you!


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