Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pollen Anyone?

Gotta hand it to spring! She has shown herself fully this week and has decorated every single thing with pollen.
Word on the street internet is that the pollen count was over 8000 yesterday!!!!

If your windows are open, like mine, then you will even get the pesky particles all over the inside of your house.
Thankfully we do not suffer seasonal allergies, and I contribute that to our consumption of raw, local honey and dark chocolate. And sweet tea. I can justify it any way I like.

The last few days I have been in a funk. I just haven't been very cheery and I admit that I felt stressed over...nothing. Nothing that should be stressful, anyway. Well, this morning I looked out the back door, saw the sun rising and magically kicked the funk out! Life is too short to waste on a silly mood funk.

It's been hot enough outside to justify eating more than one popsicle in a sitting and so I guess that means we have spring here for good. Time to garden.

See that large pasture? It's bermuda. Bermuda is a pain to garden around. In fact, you can't garden around it at all. This year we are going to garden in these half barrels. Devin put some paper mill felt down first and the barrels are those large plastic kind that he cut in half and then put one hole in them for drainage. Yes, they will need to be watered more often BUT that bermuda will not be my big, pesky problem this year. Nope, if I fail at growing my veggies I will only have myself to blame.......hmmmm. Anyway, this afternoon I finished shoveling the enriched soil in them. Now my seedlings just need to grow a little more and get hardened off.

Yes, that funk was only a distant memory by this afternoon. We played outside, ran in the grass, checked all the eggs in the chicken yard, and happily opened a package from the mail. The cheese making supplies and milking supplies are starting to arrive. We hope to go get our new cow April 14, which happens to also be the day I am teaching a Basic Bee Keeping Course. I am looking forward to meeting all of the attendees!

And, look! My African Violet is starting to bloom again. It's amazing what beauty you can find when you seek it!

Hope you find beauty all week long!

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling more cheerful, I find a bit of gardening always helps. X


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