Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post Holiday Chill Down

The day after Memorial Day is usually a day of rest around here. We do, after all, tend to escort the summer in with lots of activities.

This year we stayed home and grilled lots of food and swam in the pool until it started to get dark.

Then we warmed the movie projector up and watched an outdoor movie. Although I had neglected to get the movie popcorn popper out, I tried to redeem myself by frying some home made funnel cakes.
It was pleasing to us all and I was almost sick from eating too many. I love a good funnel cake!

Now we are preparing for another outdoor movie night this weekend. I would say the summer has started out with a bang and will most likely not slow down any time soon.

Today we had to recuperate from the sun and fun from yesterday. I am sipping hot tea and prepping the kids for an early bedtime.
We do have more summer tomorrow for our enjoyment.

I will be back in a few days, after I get some rest! Here are more pictures from the horsing around of yesterday!

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