Friday, May 4, 2012

Why, I Must Be Wonder Woman!

If you home school, have more than a few kids, sew clothes or quilts, or (as I have learned lately) have a family cow...then you must a wonder woman! Oh how that statement is so far from true!

Notice I have not been blogging this week because I am not wonder woman. I am a mom and wife with 7 kids, a growing farm, and too many projects going.

Life is good:-)

I decided this week that I would not spend hours in the kitchen making cheese, and instead opted to hang out on the pool deck to enjoy my kids swimming in the 80 degree heat.
It was a wise decision.
I chose to clabber several gallons of milk and use it to feed the chickens. They loved it and I loved doing nothing.

We also indulged in a new favorite muffin for breakfast this week. These are so perfect with a hot cup of coffee, especially with fresh milk in the coffee.

These are Chocolate Breakfast Muffins and the recipe is from the King Arthur Cookbook. I found the recipe HERE online for you all, but I did not use espresso powder or the pearl sugar on top. I am telling you to bake these because they are really, really good.

Finally, it has been a busy week with animals and boys, especially the youngest boy.

He has managed to find crayons and markers, despite my efforts to keep them put away, and has expressed himself through art all over the walls throughout the house.
He is also wanting to be outdoors all of the time. A few days ago he managed to dart out the back door and took a tumble down the hill, scraping his nose up a bit. (sigh) We have tried in earnest to get the kid outside more these last few days.
Yes, that is yummy raw milk dripping from his mouth. :-)

This weekend is packed full of "to do" lists that includes mulching the garden beds, staking tomato plants, inspecting bee hives, and cutting fabric for a quilt class. I can manage though.
I am super woman!

Hope you have a super weekend! Crossing my fingers for some rain!

Before I sign off, I wanted to share that I was discussing politics with Fletcher this afternoon. He was playing in the water hose and when he took a break I decided to discuss the "latest" with him.
He's a smart boy and really took time to consider and develop his thorough opinion of the political state here in our country.

I admit that I can't argue about this sentiment!!!!

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!!!!


  1. I have also recently discovered a lot of graffiti in my house, have a lot of repainting to do upstairs!

    Also can't seem to find the time to do much blogging lately. ;-(

    1. Thank goodness for magic eraser sponges and cheap paint!

  2. Oh, he is precious! My little guy is about the same size, and has similar feelings about all things wall art, table art, wardrobe art, ... he has even drawn on the dog! Thank goodness for crayola washables. I will absolutely take your suggestion and try out the muffins. They look delicious. Thank you for taking the time to share, it is so hectic, but you absolutely are wonder woman, being a mama of seven you must have a 'wonder'ful heart.

    1. We are, in fact, making some more muffins tomorrow morning. I plan to have at least a 20 minute session of coffee and muffin with no other obligations!


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