Friday, June 22, 2012

Boob is a 4 Lettered Word

 It's the new four lettered word, at least if the boob you are referring to is feeding an infant.  If by boob you mean to discuss a pair of assets on any female, well then it's a glorious word. You can look at television and advertising and magazines and see that boobs are everywhere, strutted and flaunted, and barely covered with any clothing. It's acceptable too, just don't show a boob feeding a  baby because then it suddenly becomes gross or twisted or inappropriate. You better have the boob covered well too because nobody wants to see least not while it performs the job it was intended for by nature.
                     ***Boobs are for feeding babies! My youngest nursing within minutes of birth.***

When my first born was still a nursing baby I was not very comfortable nursing in public. If I was out shopping I would find a ladies' dressing room to sit and feed Journee when needed. I always nursed her too before venturing out to the post office or the grocery store, and many times we would sit in the car to nurse.

Then one day I decided to take a stroll through the mall and do a little shopping with Journee in my arms, of course, when there in plain view and in the middle of the mall and right smack dab on a bench sat a lady nursing her baby. In PUBLIC! She must have been the bravest woman on the planet to just sit there, reading a book and feeding her baby like it was no big deal!

I wish I knew who that brave sister was because she forever changed my view on public breastfeeding. She brought what was normal out and into the open. She let me know that there is never an acceptable reason to nurse behind a door, EVER! She assured me that if all breastfeeding mothers would simply sit quietly and nurse in public that eventually it would be overlooked and be seen as something as normal and natural as walking.

From that day forward I vowed that I would always breastfeed my babies in public so that other mothers who are apprehensive (as I once was) might see that it's OK. Breastfeeding is normal. I would be the brave one.
                      ***Usually women try and nurse discreetly. Willow nursing.***

There was a saying on FB a few weeks ago that said this:   If you say, "I support breastfeeding, BUT......" then you do not support breastfeeding. 

There is no need to suggest that all women should keep it super discreet or use cover up cloths or only nurse in a designated area. Let me state right now that most women are discreet and sometimes a nursing baby just likes to push your shirt or blouse up and out of the way. There have been times when quite a bit was showing while I nursed because my baby constantly tugged and pulled on my top. That can't be helped, and honestly if you are offended by the boob that's showing, then you are staring too hard.
Those cover ups? If there was ever a way to draw MORE attention to the fact that you are breastfeeding, well it's those cover ups. I hate them. They are ugly and it's just one more item that women think they must own in order to breastfeed. If you really feel like you need something for more coverage the I suggest you buy a sling. Not only can you carry your baby close to you, but they are great for nursing a baby as well.
            ***Slings allow you to hold your infant and still have two hands free. Zeb is sleeping.***

I once attended a church that had designated areas for nursing mothers. I think that is great if it's optional. It should never be more than optional. I get that churches are typically modest and conservative but I doubt Mary sat and nursed baby Jesus in a room away from everyone. Again, this is a situation where if all the breastfeeding moms would nurse out in the open, it would become common and more acceptable. It's a situation where instead of asking "What would Jesus do?" one should ask "What would Mary do?"
       ***Breastfeeding is healthy for mom and baby and dads are a big support base for mom. Zeb within minutes of birth nursing.***

Finally, I feel a great amount of responsibility falls on the shoulders of our men. When a husband and father supports breastfeeding with all his heart it gives mom a boost in self confidence that is often times needed for successful breastfeeding. This includes breastfeeding in public. Men are the target audience for all of the ads and programs that flaunt the boobs we see so often. I am not attacking you men for liking boobs, I am merely suggesting that you not only embrace their beauty but their function as well. I think fathers play a huge role in the process of normalizing public breastfeeding.

Now, it's time to take boob off the naughty list of words!

Thank you to everyone for voting for me in the Circle of Moms Top 25 contest! I landed at the number three spot and could not be happier! The two blog ahead of me are fabulous and I am thrilled to be in the top 3 with them! Thanks again and I will give the link when all of the interviewing is finished so you can check out the Top 25!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations on being third!
    Breastfeeding is a necessity, it's just natural, to go against nature is what is perverse. If someone doesn't like seeing it then they should just look the other way instead of trying to control everybody other than themselves.


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