Monday, June 25, 2012

Seize the Adventure!

One thing I learned through my dad's early death from cancer is that we often make the mistake of thinking we have enough time. We decide that we have years ahead of us to do those things we really want to do or we have years ahead to have children. You know what I am talking about, right?

My parents thought they had years ahead of them to travel, but my dad was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only a few months after he retired. They only "thought" they had lots of time.

Well, I realize that some things do have to wait BUT when an opportunity arises we should seize it with all we can.
There are a few things I want to see or do one day which include:

1. Traveling to Israel. 

2. Exploring Alaska.

3. Canoeing the Everglades.

4. Watching the sun set in Key West.

Well, first I must say that I don't know that travel will ever be safe enough to really go to Israel. At least not at this time, but it will always be on my list.

Alaska will cost a heavy penny because I want to spend a few weeks there, really exploring. I don't think a cruise will satisfy this category, although I would not turn one down:-)

Every time I mention the Everglades my husband rolls his eyes and reminds me that there are a ton of bugs and insects there waiting to bite the crap out of us. I think he fears I will one day book this trip and make him join along. But, seriously, it would be an awesome adventure!

Well, Devin informed me that he had this  week off and suggested we hop in the car and make a quick trip to Panama City Beach, FL sans the kiddos. This would be a great time because the cow is dry and the chickens are still weeks from processing. Well I did even better and booked a quick trip to Key West. Why not?

So I have been busy cleaning, doing laundry and making sure everything is set and ready for my awesome mother who will be staying here with the kids.

Early in the morning we will be on a plane and headed south. Tomorrow night guess who will be watching the sun set in Key West? Lucky me:-)

What plans are on your "to do someday" list?

See you when I get back!

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  1. Have a great time. I lived in Key West, years ago, for a short time. Great sunset. Enjoy Mallory Square at sunset.


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