Thursday, July 12, 2012


Okay, I am not pregnant, but I get this nesting feeling every year about this time.
You see, the home school curriculum fair is almost here and so that means buying some new books which means finding a place for everything, etc.... you understand, right?

Add to this nesting feeling the fact that Lucy will be calving in about 2 weeks and we are processing the first batch of pasture chickens this weekend.

Need I mention that I have a quilt I am working to finish?

Here's what else I have to show:

I love a quick project and these coffee mug cozies are that simple! I can finish one in about an hour. Buy cotton yarn, like what you would use for dish rags. A friend was making these and I really liked them. I found many patterns on Ravelry. These would be great gifts!

Occasionally we get an unexplained drop in egg production from the hens. Correction, unexplained until we find the reason.

Here's was the culprit this week. We found this snake curled up in the corner of the coop, digesting eggs.
The boys love snakes so Devin let them pet it before carrying it across the pasture to live away from the chickens.

Finally, to add to my list of things to do, we decided to start a Couch to 5K. Yep, Devin and I have been wanting to shape up for some time and, after a friend reassured me it was a great plan, we jumped in with both feet.

We also asked the two oldest to join along and they agreed happily.

Granted, this has only been week one, but I can already tell a difference. The program is pretty simple and gradual. I am using a program I found on the web We also have the benefit of having lots of room here on the property to run.

I was reluctant to blog about this adventure, but then I decided "what the heck!" I figure maybe someone out there was considering the same adventure and might need a little motivation.

I admit that I was surprised at the negative comments from people. Mostly everyone thinks it's crazy to run in the hot summer, but I reckon those folks would complain that winter would be too cold...there's always an excuse, right?

We actually run at 8:30 pm and finish with a jump in the pool. I am grateful for athletic swim suits that I can run in and that match my shoes:-)

Like most adventures we set out on, we discover people who are supportive and those nay-sayers who like to be negative. We dig our heels in and go for it, besides we want to be healthier for not only ourselves but our children.

Throw in some healthy eating habits and you have what I call affordable healthcare!


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  1. That is so cool. I can't wait to be able to run with my children. I love running. We have been looking a relatively quick knitting project to start with my big girls, I think the mug cosies are great. All our mugs match so it would also help out the who's cup is whose issue.


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