Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Little Catch Up

As any mother of a large family knows, some weeks are busy, busy, busy!
 We have learned to cope by scaling our priorities a bit and just working to complete "the next task" at hand.
After a busy two weeks around here I rewarded myself with a day to sew.
I am working to use up some of my fabric stash, and I started by making this bag using all materials I had here.

Now I am working to cut fabric for a quilt. I am often asked how I find time to sew. My friend over at Domestic Anarchy was polite enough to cover that topic for me.  Thanks Maddie!

So actually the last two weekends I have been sewing. I like to sew on weekends when Devin is working and I can make something simple for dinner. The kids don't seem to mind free reign to play games and watch a movie either.

It's almost time for Handmade Holidays, and I am working to complete a list of projects to share this year.

On another topic, Quinn won the van design contest!!!!! Thank you to everyone who voted. We attended a press conference where they announced the winners and she was very happy. She wants to use her money prize to buy an electric piano, so we started shopping for one today.

Today the weather has been rainy and it is supposed to cool down some. I turned the a/c off and opened windows, hoping it was cool. It's a bit warm in the house tonight but I have faith some fall weather will be here by morning even if it's only for a few days.

This is my quick catch up! Tonight I am exhausted and need to decompress a bit. I will be back on a regular schedule again now that we are into a full school routine. Thanks for hanging around.

Tell me, will you be making more Hand Made gifts this year? Do you and your kids like to make ornaments? What holiday tradition do you look most forward to?

Have relaxing  and peaceful night!


  1. That's a lovely bag you've made there. x

  2. I love that bag. Will you be making more like that? I started rag rugs yesterday. And have been working on wash clothes and dish clothes. I am going to the Holiday Market in Chattanooga the 1 st 2 weekends in December this year! I am very excited and quite nervous too. I have got to get busy. I hope to see y'all there!

    1. You will be a vendor at the Market? Cool! I have a tool thingy to make rag rugs, crochet them sort of...but I have not the nerve to start one yet:-)


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